Working with the Phases of the Moon

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If you feel especially pulled by the moon, it’s helpful to know what phase it is in and plan or adjust, accordingly.

As a surfer, and as I woman, I am intertwined with the power of the moon. I’ve experienced how the moon exerts its force on the tides in the ocean, and have felt the pull of my internal tides, responding to the rhythm of the lunar cycles.

Emma Mildon, in her book Evolution of goddess, describes the energy of the moon as “emotional, sensitive, dark, and rejuvenating as it gives you the energy to translate and transform lessons into jewels of wisdom.” She describes the moon’s power as balancing, since its’ energy works in the light as well as in the dark.


Different phases of the moon will bring out different qualities. Those born under a certain phase of the moon will also notice different tendencies. If you feel especially pulled by the moon, it’s helpful to know what phase it is in and plan, or adjust, accordingly:

  • New Moon: Well known as a time for setting intentions, Mildon invites you to ask yourself, “if my greatest wish was granted would it just benefit my life, or would it benefit the world?” The new moon is a powerful time to create what you want, not just for your life, but also for the planet. Those born under a new moon will find a “fresh blast of energy” to bring in the new, but also to let go of what is no longer wanted in your life.
  • Waxing Crescent Moon: The waxing moon brings a powerful energy of “momentum and manifestation.” When you keep your awareness on the intentions you set during the new moon, you can channel “your energy into your mission, your passions, your heart.” Those born during a waxing moon are often visionary leaders.
  • Waxing Gibbous: This moon, between half-full and a full moon, is very powerful and, writes Mildon, “one of the most powerful phases in which to experience a spiritual evolution.” There is a seeking quality to this phase, and those born during it are “driven to deeply and profoundly question the meaning of life…Digesting lessons and growing.”
  • Full Moon: Mother Phase, Nurture: This phase is one of completion, of “full bloom” and a sense of abundance. Mildon describes it as “an emotional victory lap” Those born during a full moon have strong emotions and are “often passionate, deeply caring, honest people.” Often those born during this phase are deeply connected to their intuition. Mildon suggests creating a full moon ritual that is meaningful to you. Sometimes you will want to be in a group, other full moons you may wish to have a solo ritual. Know that what you are drawn to is what is right for you during this potent time.
  • Waning Crescent: Once the moon is more than half dark, you will feel the energy of reflection, of taking time to go within oneself. “In this energy,” writes Mildon, “we can be gifted those aha moments that spark transformation.” The importance of this phase is that we take time to sit in the darkness, not running away from it, but learning the lessons we need to learn in order to evolve.

The moon reminds us that there are phases to life, cycles that require us to move in different ways. We can tap into the power of those phases, and harness them to help us make a difference in our lives and in the world. Mildon reminds us, “moon energy is ancient, and with it comes our elder’s insights, the silver lining to every lesson, a clarity of consciousness that can be a gift in the darkest of passages.”    by Kalia Kelmenson – August 29, 2018

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