Weight Loss Decisions

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Some people live near mountains; some people live near the suburbs. Some people live in the city and are incredibly busy. Depending on personal taste and where you live, you may prefer one form of cardiovascular exercise over another. The good news is that there’s no right kind of cardiovascular exercise – if it gets your heart rate up, it’ll work. The better news is that there are so many options that you’ll definitely find one you’ll love.


  1. Running – You can’t beat the classics. This is for people who don’t have a budget just for cardiovascular exercise, as it costs absolutely nothing. It can be done any day of the week, at any time of day, and almost anywhere in the world. Due to its high impact nature, it can actually make your bones stronger. People who live in the city might not enjoy it as much, due to smoke pollution or crowded streets. Alternatively, people can simply walk. As many as one-hundred-and-eighty calories can go away after thirty minutes. 
  2. Cycling – Cycling is an excellent workout that can be done either indoors or outdoors, depending on the equipment present. Cyclists can burn up to five hundred calories in half an hour’s worth of effort. This is perfect for people who want to save money and incorporate exercise into their daily routine, because they can simply bike to work, accomplishing both. Since it is a low impact routine, it’s also good for people with weak joints. 
  3. Step Aerobics – This option comes with all the benefits of normal aerobics without the maddening pace. It can be just as intense as normal aerobics, but without the painful pounding. It targets the lower half of the body, and can burn up to four hundred calories in half an hour if done intensely. 
  4. Jump Rope – Boxers do it, so why can’t you? Jumping rope can burn away calories in a hurry, is travel friendly, and requires little to no space. A thirty minute exercise can burn off up to three hundred calories, but it requires a lot of practice and dexterity to be able to jump rope for that long. 
  5. Use of a Rowing Machine – Rowing machines are expensive, but are readily accessible for people with a gym membership. It is demands much of the user when used correctly, stressing the entire body. 
  6. The Elliptical Machine or Trainer – Most gyms will have one, simply because it is one of the most popular exercise machines today. It allows the body to move smoothly and naturally. It’s low impact, so those with knee or other joint injuries can use it as much as they want.


Most people end up quitting on their cardiovascular routine simply because it gets boring. It takes up a lot of time and can quickly become monotonous. If it does become so boring that they have to stop, that just means they have to find the right one. Once you find the right one, cardiovascular exercise becomes more than a chore – it becomes part of a glorious fitness routine.


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