Ways of Enhancing Brain Power

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Ways of Enhancing Brain Power

Ways of Enhancing Brain Power

Ways of Enhancing Brain Power

You will come across many people who will talk about various brain enhancing techniques, few of them may tell you about certain medications and supplements to improve memory, especially children and younger adults. As our age progresses, we normally tend to lose our brain power and memory; that is because of numerous factors. However, there are various ways to enhance brain power.

A human brain is a complex structure that is connected with various nerves, gray and white matter, soft tissues, arteries, veins, etc. According to medical experts, normally, our brain-function peaks during childhood or early adulthood and then gradually declines as the age progresses, leading to brain fog and lapses in memory.

But in today’s era, that is not the case, because our modern lifestyle has played an important role in declining our cognitive abilities. Exposures to harmful substances, chemicals, constant stress, poor diet, sleeping disorders, etc. are responsible for cognitive decline. Nevertheless, one can support their brain health by encouraging brain to undergo Neurogenesis process i.e. growing new neurons. Listed are few effective ways of improving brain power:

 • Healthy Diet

Whatever you eat is useful not only for your stomach but also for your brain and memory. Unhealthy diet that is rich in sugars, bad fats, etc. by no means is good for your brain. It is essential to eat a well-balanced diet on daily basis to nourish your brain, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, curry, celery, broccoli, walnuts, whole grains and beans. Opt for plant or animal-based foods that are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Coconut and olive oil are found useful in enhancing brain functions.

• Regular Exercise

Regular physical activities promotes your brain functions by activating neurogenesis process i.e. multiplication of new nerve cells. At the same time, exercise interconnects nerve cells and protects them from damage. Neurogenesis takes place when blood flow to the brain is augmented; thereby, expanding the nervous system’s memory center. One can perform aerobic exercises (walking, cycling, swimming, etc.), strength training, stretching, and high-intensity workout with short intervals, core works, Yoga and meditation.

 • Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation and excessive sleep both are dangerous not only for your physical health but also mental health. Sleeping disorders can greatly hamper the brain function, as it is under immense stress, creating problems in Neurogenesis process. Therefore, one needs to get adequate amount of sleep to allow brain to function properly. Experts suggest eight to nine hours of sleep everyday for optimal mental health functions.

 • Play Brain Games

To enhance your brain power and improve memory, you need to challenge your brain with new activities and information; if you don’t do that, you are actually deteriorating your brain functions. One of the ways to challenge your brain is by participating in “Brain Games”, like playing online games or games in which your mental abilities are involved; you can also play any sport. You can play for 20 minutes or so; do not exceed the time limit, and try to play different games. Do not stick to only one task, as it will not expand your abilities.

 • Quit Multitasking

If you are a multi-tasker, try to stay away from it, because it may slow down your potential; make you vulnerable to commit mistakes, and can make you absent-minded. Hence, try to concentrate on one task at a time, work on it, complete it, and then switch on to other task. You can take a short break of about 10 to 15 minutes between two tasks.

 • Perform New Skill

Indulging yourself in a meaningful and purposeful activity will stimulate your brain functions, manage stress and reduce the risk of developing dementia (memory loss). Try to perform those tasks that can hold your full attention, and try to accomplish it. Try different skills like gardening, crafting, drawing, playing musical instruments , and many more.


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