Tony Robbins: Life Is a Dance Between Your Fears and Desires

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Tony Robbins: Life Is a Dance Between Your Fears and Desires



In this episode of Behind the Brand, Bryan Elliott talks to Tony Robbins about how fear can create unnecessary stress in the mind—and how to get out of your head when it happens.

What a lot of people call suffering is really just an overload of stress, Robbins says. When billionaires call him seeking business advice, he digs deeper to uncover the root of their problems. They might be looking for growth or more impressive sales results—but after he acknowledges what they want, he aims to give them what they need.


“If I follow the trail of your stress, it will take me to your deepest fears,” he says. “And I always believe that life is the dance between what you desire most and what you fear most.”

Somewhere in that equation lies the real need, the one thing everyone wants the most—a meaningful life. You won’t achieve that by living in a way that that favors suffering, such as overstressing about money, Robbins says. Since the brain was designed for survival rather than happiness, it’s up to the human to decide its fate—to create happiness in a space that historically functioned on a “fight or flight” level.


“It’s learning how to train yourself with a new set of habits to look at it, to be entertained by the mind and know that you’re more than your mind,” Robbins says.    By: Bryan Elliott


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