Tips on How to Keep Your Fireplace Clean

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Keeping Your Fireplace Clean

This winter has felt so cold and with the rising costs of in-home heating, my fireplace has gotten a lot of use. However, I have been noticing soot buildup and the area around the fireplace could definitely use a bit of cleaning.

Tips on How to Keep Your Fireplace Clean

Tips on How to Keep Your Fireplace Clean

For those of you who, like me, have been using your fireplace throughout the cold winter as a source of heat or ambiance, maybe you too find that it is time to make sure the area is clean. Not only is removing soot, impurities and old, charred wood aesthetically pleasing, it also lessens risk of house fires and protects our health! With that in mind, I have provided some healthy tips that may be useful to you so you can continue enjoying your fireplace through the remainder of this winter season with no harm to health or home.

  • Soot buildup on fireplace glass doors and/or screens
  • Charred wood and soot buildup in the fireplace and the flue (the pipe that runs from the fireplace through the chimney).
  • Smudges and buildup around the mantle or door handles
  • Cracks or damaged areas
  • Invest in good fireplace brushes – a short chimney or flue brush and a stiff bristled brush.
  • Use gloves, safety goggles or dust mask when cleaning the fireplace.
  • Place newspaper around the area you mean to clean so no soot or charred wood chips stain carpeting or make the area dirty.
  • Using the short chimney or flue brush, reach up and clean the flue with short, strong strokes until the soot stops coming out onto your brush.
  • Use a stiff bristled brush to remove buildup from the damper.
  • Remove all ashes from the fireplace hearth and damper and place in a metal container before disposing.
  • Any soot that has settled or hardened on the fireplace glass or external brick/wall area can be removed with a degreaser.
  • Vacuum the surrounding floor area thoroughly, making sure to remove any flammable objects in the area.
  • Use a mixture of vinegar and water to create a non-toxic cleaner that will remove soot from glass doors. Rinse thoroughly after applying.


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