The Abandoned Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur? They WILL All Abandon You.


Alone Entrepreneur


And That’s Why the Entrepreneur’s Win is So Lucrative

You’re an entrepreneur?


Look, they won’t support you.

They’ll keep doubting.

They’ll keep not believing.

Those that do for a minute will keep quitting.

They won’t jump on your bandwagon and many (MANY) will abandon you.

That’s simply the truth.

Many you thought would be there… won’t. Period.


Here’s why that’s awesome…

The entrepreneurs that blow up and succeed massively…

…they do it precisely because nobody believes.

If everyone did, there’d be no value in it.

You’re stranded and alone with your vision…

…you craft your message and you stick it in front of the only thing that matters while nobody else gives a shit about what you’re doing:


Your market.

The only one that needs to believe in your message is your potential CUSTOMER.

That’s your only ally in the beginning.

Because your customer is the one receiving the idea, the service and the value you envisioned.

Take care of her.

Focus on that guy.


And if you focus on serving and delivering more value to your CUSTOMER and potential customer than even they had expected, you BLOW UP as an entrepreneur, and when you blow up…

THAT is when all the others, all of a sudden, want to know what you’re doing and if they can have some tickets and hear you speak.

They come out of the wood work when they want to feel like they were there the whole time.


It’s only when you’re crushing it that they remember to give a shit.

And that’s awesome…. know why?

That’s why when you do succeed (and you will if you don’t quit), it’s SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE than anything else you did before. That’s why an entrepreneur who never quits and WINS makes so much more money and lives in a life with so much more freedom, so much more impact and with so many more options, than the little voices who hide behind their doubts and fears.


It’s normal and you want it this way.

Human nature.

It’s just the way it is.

Let it work for you.


FOCUS: only on your CUSTOMERS and potential customers.

Serve them.

And drop mad value in your market.

They’re the only believers you ever need. ‪



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