I have been a stay at home mom for more than 3 years, and had a huge case of burnout! I felt a bit taken for granted and run ragged chasing the kids around and taking care of everyone else. Since starting with this company, I have more energy (thanks to the health pack) and more pride in myself for the success I have achieved in my business in such a short time.

The training and support I received has been wonderful in getting me started on the right foot, and the system really does work! I am very proud to say I have found more success much quicker than I thought was possible.

I think my success in my business has actually helped my relationships with my family. I am seeing direct results for my efforts, and it has nothing to do with diapers or laundry–that gives me the renewed positive attitude to chase the kids. I am also making great money, so my husband and I have less to argue about.

I think my favorite part of this business, though, is being able to help other stay at home moms work from home and add a significant check to their household income. I really enjoy helping other moms find the same success I have found, and the same sense of self-confidence and pride I now have. All with the kids running around in the background.

I have found the perfect home business for me and my family.


What this company has provided me with are so many things. Most importantly time with my kids!! I had a full time corporate job with great pay and great benefits but I really resented never being at home with my girls. I was gone from early in the morning until dinner time. Someone at work overheard me sharing about how difficult this was for me and they showed me this opportunity.

After taking a look at what the company had to offer I was thrilled. If I just worked as hard as I had worked for Corporate America, but now for myself I could replace my income in 2 years or less. In 3 months I left my job, took another part-time job that I did from home while I have really enjoyed building my business. The company, the products, the system, the support is unbelievable and I love to share this with other mom’s looking for ways to make the change. It is so rewarding in all ways!!

Svava Brooks


new_magawI had worked in the Direct Sales Industry for over 20 years when I was introduced to this company in April of 1999. I was immediately impressed by their strong track record, but was also naturally skeptical.

It was the exceptional products that really got my attention, because this is a product-based company, the products stand on their own merits and makes talking about them as natural as telling someone about a great restaurant or movie. No hype and smoke screens – just genuine conversation about something good. The best part is that we get paid to promote the company and endorse their products, not to run around and sell products to friends and family like I had to in the Direct Sales Industry.

I had always yearned for a company that would pay us, and anyone we introduced to it, what we were worth – but to find this company – who pays you not only what you are worth today, but also what you did on their behalf yesterday, and the day before – well that is the ultimate. Residual income will change your life.

The rewards financially have been incredible, but truly the best reward has been being able to help others bring safer and higher quality products into their home and offering them a viable way to earn extra income. Imagine getting paid for something we have been doing for free all our lives – recommending great products and services!!

Although my husband and I have always been blessed financially through hard work, what we really were missing in our lives is what no amount of money could buy – and that is time freedom. Time to enjoy each other’s company and time to spend with our families and friends; time to enjoy our hobbies and finally have some peace of mind. Now, we can see the finish line.

We have a wonderful team that we work together with — some of the best people I’ve met in all my years working in the field. Sincere and honest, hard-working people who offer genuine friendship as we build our businesses together. Please join us.

Paulette Magaw

Executive Director


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