5 Simple Ayurvedic Self-Care Tips

Practices for Loving Yourself Through Sickness

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♠   Sick? Love yourself through the illness with cozy comfort, breathwork, restorative yoga, and more.     Being sick is common enough, but that doesn’t make it suck any less. Whether you’ve got a simple cold or a more serious long-term illness, being unwell can really make life feel...

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3 Ways to Practice Self-Compassion

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Self-compassion can make a person feel more energetic, alive, and optimistic.     Right up there with being able to make spaghetti and wash your own socks, practicing self-compassion rates as a vital life skill. With self-compassion, we are able to accept that though we are imperfect beings...

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Using the Lens of Self-Awareness to Shift Your Personal Vibration

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  Explore Powerful Practices for Uncovering Lasting Self-Love, Self-Awareness, and Self-Worth     “The process of genuine, self-loving transformation requires us to view ourselves with new lenses, new ways of really witnessing, as we take the journey inward.”   My dream is to empower others with the tools of self-love mastery...

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Healing Body Image Through Belly Dance

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[embed]https://vimeo.com/127956353[/embed] Healing Body Image Through Belly Dance As we evolve towards more gender equality on the planet, communities that cultivate the divine goddess and celebrate the sacred feminine become more important. On this episode of Conscious Living®, we visit one such community, Sahara Dance in Washington D.C. By teaching the...

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Yoga for Emotional Trauma

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 *   Yoga for Emotional Trauma * By creating a healing environment for your body through yoga, you can transform emotional trauma into well-being, release suffering, and come home to your body’s natural capacity for health and joy. * Emotional trauma can have a profound and lasting impact on health and...

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Stop Self Criticizing, Start Meditating

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Stop Self Criticizing, Start Meditating * According to the experts, meditation lessens the extremities of negative thoughts, changes patterns of belief and facilitates learning how to forgive yourself. Admit it, you’ve been there: acting as your own worst critic by doubting yourself. As a writer and yoga instructor,...

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