An Apple a Day Absolutely Does Not Keep the Doctor Away

How to Be Fit at 100: The Centenarian Olympics

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🔻 Since I started being interested in longevity and wellbeing a couple of years ago, I began noticing the way older people behave: their health, their wellbeing, their happiness. After many conversations and discussions, I understood they all regretted the same: having lost their agility and...

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The Scientific Genius behind Oat Milk

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Photo from ♠ From marketing to food and nutritional science, this popular dairy-free alternative succeeds beyond taste. ↓ The first time I heard about oat milk was back in December 2017. I was walking down a boulevard in Santa Monica, California on a warm December evening when I stepped...

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How to Stop Regaining the Weight You Lost

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♠ New studies reveal the most effective ways to maintain weight loss ↓ You’ve done your research, you’ve been eating healthier, you’ve been exercising more and you’ve successfully lost those pounds. Congratulations! But just when you’re about to celebrate, you realize you have to keep up with the...

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Pet Dogs Lessen Risk of Schizophrenia

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Early exposure to dogs is linked to a decreased risk in schizophrenia. ↓ Research just published in the journal PLOS One revealed a surprising finding: People exposed to a pet dog in childhood are significantly less likely to later be diagnosed with schizophrenia.   Scientists from Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins Children’s Center...

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Eating for Peace in the Body

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* Eating for Peace in the Body * We can all agree that living in peace and cooperation beats living in conflict. It turns out that our microbiome, (that community that lives in our gut), is either existing as a cooperative agent or a conflicting threat to our...

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4 Signs You Might Have Messed Up Your Metabolism

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* 4 Signs You Might Have Messed Up Your Metabolism * Here are four common signs you’ve sent your metabolism reeling, and how to get a reset. Eating six small meals a day will not speed up your metabolism. In fact, it might even mess with your body’s ability to burn calories. There...

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Neem, Ayurveda’s Favorite Remedy For Inflammation

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* Neem, Ayurveda’s Favorite Remedy For Inflammation * Neem, the body’s fire fighter * Herbs are like people in that they have unique personalities that can be understood through dravyaguna. * Dravyaguna is the system of Ayurvedic pharmacology that was developed thousands of years ago before chromatography and mass spectrometry and so it...

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The Fuel of Good Decision Making

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Illustration Credit: Swing by Ryan Peltier The Fuel of Good Decision Making In 2011, Shai Danziger, PhD, a cognitive neuroscientist at Tel Aviv University School of Management, and his colleagues published a groundbreaking paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that gave new insight...

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