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Leg Health Connects to Your Brain

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↓ Want to keep your noggin happy? Pump those legs! Boosting neurological health doesn’t depend solely on doing crossword puzzles and eating walnuts. A new study suggests that in order for neural cells to be produced in the brain, using the legs—especially in weight-bearing exercise—is vitally important. ↓ The...

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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Cancer Risk

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4 in 10 cases of cancer can be prevented, say researchers. ↓ Cancer is scary stuff, especially because it sometimes feels like you read that every single thing in modern life can cause it. Research just published in the British Journal of Cancer gave some hope and needed perspective,...

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Calming The Anxious Mind

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Calming The Anxious Mind * Giving clients control leads to better results If you are suffering from anxiety, you are not alone. About one in four Americans lives with some sort of anxiety disorder. This can include general anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, specific phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),...

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The Ultimate Guide to Caffeine: Black Tea vs. Coffee

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* The Ultimate Guide to Caffeine: Black Tea vs. Coffee * We decided to investigate the health properties of both coffee and black tea to see how they compare in aspects beyond simply caffeine count and taste. The coffee versus tea debate usually boils down to personal preference (though studies have...

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