7 Ways to Sharpen Your Intuition

16 Affirmations for Surrender and Trust

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♠ Stuck and disappointed? Affirmations for surrender and trust can help get you through.     Have you thought about your thoughts lately? Chances are your thoughts have a mind of their own, and it’s often why we feel so frustrated, stressed, or stuck. Retraining your brain to focus on the...

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How to Be Your Best Possible Self For Relationships

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Research suggests that building optimism about the future increases your happiness and paves the way for stronger and more fulfilling connections. Do you know how to create the kinds of relationships that feel good? Research suggests that building optimism about the future can motivate us to work toward our desired...

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What Makes Couples Stick

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It all comes down to two key efforts: conflict management and avoiding external threats. Why do some relationships go the distances, and others flame out? You could listen to 1,000 songs written on heartbreak and love—one of my current faves is Chris Stapleton’s “Nobody to Blame,”...

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5 Ways to Deal with Difficult People

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↓ Feeling like you might throttle someone? Try these tactics instead. Ah, difficult people. There are passive aggressives—the ones who “forget” and put pork in a vegetarian’s dinner. Then there are the grumpy misanthropes, the abusive yellers, the self-centered narcissists, the Debbie Downers or Woe-Me-ers. If we’re...

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Surviving Infidelity

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* Surviving Infidelity It seems no relationship is safe from the potential of infidelity, whether a private relationship or a public one. Statistics show that somewhere between 30-60% of individuals stray at some point during in their marriage, although exact statistics are challenging due to the secretive...

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3 Mindful Ways to Transform Negative Thoughts

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* 3 Mindful Ways to Transform Negative Thoughts * Recognizing our thoughts and where they're taking us is the first step to changing our relationship to them.  * How we relate to our thoughts has a big impact on how our day unfolds, and also how we approach triggers in...

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12 Ways Successful People Handle Toxic People

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12 Ways Successful People Handle Toxic People The important thing to remember is that you are in control of far more than you realize. * Toxic people have always been a drag, but research shows they can physically harm your brain. In this article, originally published on LinkedIn...

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