3 Nature-Based Practices for Battling Zoom Fatigue

Management by Walking

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  An Excerpt from The Open-Air Life by Linda Åkeson Mcgurk   Walks in nature and embracing friluftsliv—the Scandanavian art of year-round outdoor living—could be the key to happier, healthier workplaces.     Workplace meetings are legion in Sweden, a country where organizations are flat, and consensus is prized. A friend of...

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According to Warren Buffett, Honing This One Skill Can Improve Your Worth by 50 Percent

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↓ Growing up, legendary investor Warren Buffett was terrified of speaking in public. However, he realized he’d never make the type of impact that he wanted if he didn’t take the steps to get his communication skills tight. As a result, while attending graduate school at...

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