Why We’re So Emotional When We’re Tired

The Christmas Bird

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 The Christmas Bird On a December morning, many years ago, I brought a young, injured black-backed gull home from the beach.  It was, in fact, Christmas morning, as well as bitter cold, which may account for my act. * Injured gulls are common; nature’s maw receives them again...

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Breaking the Cycle of Fear

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Breaking the Cycle of Fear * The patient says to the doctor: “Doc, it hurts when I do this!” So the doctor nods her head sagely and replies, “Don’t do that.” You’ve heard that one before? Well, funny or not, there is a flaw in that medical advice...

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6 Secrets of Happy Relationships

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* 6 Secrets of Happy Relationships * Before the battles begin, we start out believing that being with this person will make us happy. Ironically, that’s the critical mistake… “This isn’t working. Let’s just get a divorce,” Caroline said, as she stormed out of their new house. Wally stopped...

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