7 Classic Children’s Books That Teach Kids Mindfulness

Mindfulness for Middle Schoolers

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Two new studies from Yale, Harvard and MIT found that mindfulness may help improve mental health and academic performance in middle schoolers. ↓ ↓ In recent years, mindfulness education has become a mainstay in many schools. However, we know little about how it affects students’ developing brains or their academic...

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Three Ways to Raise Empathic Kids So They Become Compassionate Adults

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Considering how to make the children in our lives better people helps us reflect on how we ourselves can be more compassionate.   ↓ In this series of articles, we have been examining how mindfulness can sometimes inadvertently reinforce the self-centeredness and self-absorption of our current times and how we may counter...

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Health And Kids: Teach Them To Be Healthy

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↓ Health And Kids: Teach Them To Be Healthy Teaching kids about health and healthy living involve two key components. The first component is to teach kids about healthy lifestyles. The second component is to model a healthy lifestyle in your own choices and behaviors. ↓ Eating Healthy The obesity...

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