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Detoxify Your Home and Join the Green Cleaning Trend [with Infographic]

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↓ The DIY, homemade and all-natural cleaning worlds are sounding the alarm bells on commercial chemical cleaners found in stores. It’s no secret that commercial cleaning agents can be harmful to your health. All you have to do is smell them and read the warnings on their...

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5 Mindful Tips for Parenting Conundrums

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Explore how mindfulness can help you enjoy your family time instead of being anxious or easily provoked by your children into unhelpful reactions. ↓ ↓ Mindfulness is a natural capacity we all have for being aware of what’s happening in the present moment. That sounds simple, but many parents find...

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Scientific Study on Household Cleaning Products and Women’s Lung Health Explained

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↓ A new, independent, 20-year research study reveals a sobering fact: cleaning your home with common, well-known grocery store products made with ammonia, chlorine bleach, quaternary disinfectant compounds, and other dangerous chemicals significantly damages lung tissue in women. In fact, the study showed that cleaning with...

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Tai Chi Slows Aging Secrets Finally Exposed

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Tai Chi Slows Aging Secrets Finally Exposed Tai Chi is often described as meditation in motion. This ancient Chinese practice has many proven health benefits, from lowering stress levels and boosting memory to increasing flexibility and improving balance. Now, a new study reveals that the...

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Keeping Your Kids Toys Clean To Prevent Spreading Germs

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From a very young age, children are taught to share their toys. You will see this with Infants and toddlers, they love to explore new things by placing them in their mouths, touching them and carrying them around, then another child follows behind and scoops the...

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How Safe Is Your Kitchen Cookware?

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[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="450"] How Safe Is Your Kitchen Cookware?
[/caption] In recent years the companies responsible for the introduction of chemicals in widely used household goods such as cookware, some clothing, plastics, etc. since 1945 have been under much scrutiny for the effects that these chemicals...

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Dangers of Fabric Softeners/Dryer Sheets

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 Dangers of Fabric Softeners/Dryer Sheets I read a startling and shocking article that posed the question as to whether fabric softeners laced with chemicals contribute to SIDS (Sudden  Infant Death Syndrome). According to Dr. Ron Harper, of the UCLA Medical School Brain Research Institute, he believes...

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