Mindful Walking

Core Exercises Every Runner Should Do

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    It’s no secret that the best way to improve your running is to run more. The rule of training specificity still applies—you practice what you’re looking to improve.   There’s no way around that.   But that doesn’t mean other workout plans don’t have a place in your training program....

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Ayurveda for Inflammation

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Every choice we make, everything we do, is either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. Try Ayurveda for inflammation. ◊   Inflammation is the word on everyone’s wellness radar. It’s the mystery symptom associated with a host of health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, asthma, dermatitis, and arthritis. Multiple studies have...

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Chronic Inflammation: Risk Factors and Signs

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◊ “Don’t rely on your doctor to point out possible chronic inflammation to you; it doesn’t share the same visible symptoms as acute inflammation.”     In classical times, Roman physicians recognized inflammation by four cardinal signs: rubor (redness), calor (heat), dolor (pain), and tumor (swelling). These are the same signs looked for by doctors today, but...

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5 Things You Can Do to Decrease Systemic Inflammation That Have Nothing to Do with Food

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↓ “While dietary change is a great first line of defense, calming inflammation calls for a multi-faceted approach that delves into all aspects of lifestyle.”   When you’re looking to calm systemic inflammation—the kind of chronic, low-grade immune reaction that can wreak havoc on your health in all...

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Miracle With Paralyzed Patient With Stem Cells

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↓ Expert doctors in Sheffield, UK have confirmed that MS (multiple sclerosis) patients have witnessed phenomenal health improvements opting in for a treatment, that's generally used for cancer. Approximately, 20 MS patients recently have said yes to bone marrow transplants resorting to their own stem cells....

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How the Tone It Up Girls Make Fitness Goals More Fun

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All it takes is a few tweaks to the way you set your health goals.   TONE IT UP If there's one thing Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn—the powerhouse duo behind Tone It Up—know, it's how to make fitness fun. If you're not familiar, their peppy workout videos, made-to-be-Instagrammed recipes,...

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Is Finding An Efficient Weight Loss Program Difficult?

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 ♠ Is Finding An Efficient Weight Loss Program Difficult? No, You Simply Have To Know What To Look For!  ♠ Finding An Effective Weight Loss Program Are you among the millions of unhappy individuals-- dissatisfied with that you have been trying, without success, to lose weight? Have you attempted...

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7 Affirmations for Daily Walking Meditations

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7 Affirmations for Daily Walking Meditations * Many new studies suggest that mindful walking is good, not only for mental health, but also to relieve stress. Moreover mindfulness, in general, is shown to improve chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and asthma. Psychological...

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