Toxic Anger vs. Healing Anger

5 Ways to Be More Assertive

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  It’s hard to be assertive when you’re really worried about the other person’s response. Maybe you’re worried they’ll think you’re being ridiculous and reject you. Maybe you’re worried they’ll be critical, and you’ll feel even more uncomfortable. Try these five expert suggestions on being assertive...

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The Résumé of Life

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Our life is a journey, a school of life. Everyone we meet has a purpose and a role in our classroom. We too have a role or purpose in this classroom. Our life is a journey, a school of life. Everyone we meet has a purpose...

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Embracing Our Flaws

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  Instead of hiding who we are, we have to embrace the broken times and faults that make us beautiful.   When a piece of pottery cracks or breaks into numerous pieces, it’s tempting to toss it out as no longer useful. It is damaged, both functionally and...

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Toward a Healthier Closet

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↓ The clothing industry is super wasteful. Here’s how to stop being part of the problem. ↓ I love clothes and I love shopping. So, I was totally guilt-stricken when I learned that textiles are a leading polluter, coming in second only to the oil and gas industry....

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16 Affirmations For Loving Your Body

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* 16 Affirmations For Loving Your Body * What if we were to practice radical self-acceptance? * One of my favorite internet memes reads, “How to have a bikini body: Take a bikini. Put it on your body.” I love how it rejects outright the notion that in order to...

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