4 Reasons Food Rules Cause Gut Upset

7 Powerful Anti-Aging Foods

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↓ 7 Powerful Anti-Aging Foods   When it comes to holding back Father Time, we all know to use sunscreen, get good sleep, and avoid stress. But one of the best things you can do to slow aging is to eat the right foods! ↓ Aging is actually just inflammation....

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Calcium: Everything You Need to Know

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* Calcium: Everything You Need to Know From the health benefits to the best resources, here’s the scoop on calcium.  * Google has this handy little widget, now. Search any medical term, and, on the results page, a sidebar pops up, running down the basics of the disease or...

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Feel Full for Hours

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* Feel Full for Hours * We've rounded up seven surprisingly filling foods that can satiate you for hours.  * Post-Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, models claim that the way they keep their bodies runway-ready is to "snack throughout the day" and "eat more protein." So does that mean snacking on chips, pretzels, and...

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