5 Ways to Avoid Losing Muscle Mass

4 Ways to Curb Age-Related Decline in Gut Health

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◊ Gut issues increase as you age, but there’s so much you can do to keep it functioning well.   Aging is a natural process that gradually stresses your gut function by impacting your colonic, gastric, and esophageal motility—essentially the body’s ability to move food.   Impaired digestion often forces you to...

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4 Ways to Be Wise

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♠   Beyond “knowing best,” wisdom is a process one must tap into.   ♠ Will I be wise when I get old? I remember asking myself this question many years ago. The question may have been triggered by stories or sayings about older people being the wise ones in...

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♠ Connect with yourself to find new levels of pleasure, every day. Many of us grow up with the notion that a great sensual life requires having a partner who knows how to please us. Once we realize sensuality is not partner-dependent, its ability to enhance our...

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Fight Inflamm-Aging

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↓   Aging and chronic inflammation turn out to be so interconnected, the research world has a new term: “inflammaging.”   It doesn’t feel fair, does it? Just as we’re getting wise to the world, the world is taking its toll on our bodies. Wouldn’t it be great if...

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Leveraging Physical Therapy Practices as You Age

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The odds of developing various health problems can rise with age. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Safe physical activity helps guard against a range of ailments. Of course, you want to be sure that’s not just wishful thinking. Direct access...

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