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Lots of people experience sleeping disorders nowadays. Insomnia is the most common one and it can easily end up affecting the ability to have a normal life.

Patients with insomnia either have difficulties in falling asleep or wake up after short sleeping intervals and remain awake. There are three types of insomnia: transient, acute and chronic. While the first two forms don’t last more than weeks, chronic insomnia can last for months and can be dangerous for the health condition. Not getting adequate rest for a long time can cause various physical or emotional problems.

It’s no wonder that the incidence of insomnia is so high nowadays given the fact that its main causes include stress and anxiety. In modern society everybody seems worried, everybody has problems and is constantly in a hurry. Modern man simply does not take the time to rest or enjoy a break from constant worries and everyday problems.

It is thus difficult to simply disconnect at night and put all negative thoughts behind. Unfortunately, allopath sleeping pills are of no help. Instead of making things better, they often make them worse. Natural sleeping pills on the other hand address the causes of insomnia and sleep comes as a natural consequence of relaxation.

When choosing a natural sleeping pill you have to pay attention to the ingredient list. You don’t want to contain anything but herbal ingredients like it is the case with Aaram capsules. They are made of a blend of herbs which promote relaxation and eliminate mental stress.

It’s easy to do research on natural sleeping pills because all you have to do is to check the ingredient list and then do some reading on the effects of those herbs. Once you are convinced that the pills are what you need, it takes about three or four months until optimum results will become visible. Your stress and anxiety are going to slowly and gradually fade away and you will be able to get more and more rest. You will finally be able to enjoy the wonderful feeling of getting up in the morning fresh and ready for the day.


AM & PM ESSENTIALS™ are dietary supplements exclusively designed for your well-being. Synergistic blends of only the best ingredients help you maintain healthy biorhythms, support critical biological processes, and combat the signs of aging around the clock. AM Essentials™ provides lasting daytime energy and increases concentration, while PM Essentials™ helps prepare you for a restful night’s sleep so your body can focus on cell maintenance and renewal. This balanced approach towards healthy aging gives you the tools you need to improve your quality of life from the inside out.


  • Contains powerful vitamins, nutrients, extracts, and antioxidants to help protect your cells from free radical damage
  • Supports natural cellular DNA Repair and helps cells function properly
  • Helps regulate your body’s natural biorhythm by increasing daily energy and providing a more restful, uninterrupted sleep
  • Helps maintain strong nails and healthy hair
  • Helps support a healthy immune system
  • Helps maintain a healthy body composition

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You have more chances of finding solutions for your troubles after a good night sleep. Try to induce yourself positive thoughts before going to bed and put in practice relaxation or meditation techniques. Also try to set a bedtime hour and to stick to it.

When that hour comes, put away all your thoughts and worries and relax. You can get back to them in the morning with a clear mind. Aaram capsules will help you get a good sleep and they are also going to improve your brain functions.

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