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Skin Care Scout

Skin Care Scout

Your skin is a very important organ. Yes, it is an organ. In fact, it is your bodies largest organ. You may be surprised to learn that. Many people are. They take their skin for granted, but it performs a very important function. It protects your innards, the other organs inside your body. That is why you should not ignore your skin. It must be protected so that you stay healthy.

The world has many diverse cultures and races. But no matter what your culture or race, whether you are young or old, taking care of your skin is very important.


Maintaining Dry Skin

So many people suffer from dry skin, and especially in the wintertime when the weather is cold and arid, skin and hair tend to pucker and dry up. There are many solutions to this problem, however, one, in particular, being to form a barrier. One can do this by using the right moisturizer, as these are designed to reduce the water loss from the epidermis.

Avoid Really Hot Baths

A hot bath will dry your skin out, believe me. Keep them at a minimum. Always have your bathwater at a lukewarm level. Follow the same rule for showers as a hot shower has the same effect. After your shower of your bath, lukewarm of course, always apply a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.

Keep Your Skin Clean

This is important. Your face always needs a good cleaning. This is a crucial step in taking care of your face. Before applying a moisturizer, you should use a mild cleanser to clean your face before applying the moisturizer. Make sure that you use a good cleanser because that forms the basis for a good foundation for skin care health.

How to Care for Oily Skin

Another common skin care problem is oily skin. This is another skin care issue to which there are several solutions, however, and the most important skin care tip to remember here is to check the ingredients on all products before using. It is also important to avoid using cleansers that tend to over dry the skin because although this may sound like a good thing it will actually result in paradoxically causing the skin to produce even more oil than usual.

Water Soluble Cleansers

Water soluble skin care cleansers work very well because they are in harmony with your skin’s moisture. After use, your skin will no longer feel dry or greasy. What’s best about water soluble cleansers is they work gently to remove makeup and dirt and usually have no smell at all.  BY HEALTHY CHOICES

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