Seven Brain Strengthening Foods

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Food for Thought: Seven Brain Strengthening Foods

You are what you eat. You can be healthy and strong if you eat the right foods. You could even be smarter if you knew what to eat. The proper diet can keep you sharp and ready to use your brain to do more than power through the day. Absolute brilliance could be yours if you fix your diet.  Seven Brain Strengthening Foods

Here are a few of the best foods you can eat daily to boost your brain power.

  1. Cacao Beans: This doesn’t refer to chocolate, so you can put that Milky Way down. Minimally processed cacao beans have been used for centuries as a way of improving a person’s brain power, not to mention the consumer’s mood. Dark chocolate, depending on the brand, may have enough cacao beans in to be considered healthy.
  2. Avocadoes: This native of Central Mexico is full of potassium, and vitamins B, E, and K. Avocadoes also come with a lot of monounsaturated fats. A good avocado will also improve blood-flow and circulation, which helps the brain function smoothly. This also results in improved or lowered blood-pressure, which is another way it can help your brain.
  3. Blueberries: Blueberries are not just good for your brain; they can actually help undo short-term memory loss. Studies have shown that people who eat blueberries have improved memory, due to the flavonoids present inside each and every berry. Consumption has also been connected to improved reasoning, decisiveness, and even an improved learning capacity.
  4. Nuts: Nuts have always been healthy due to its beneficial fats and the considerable amount of fiber it brings to a person’s diet. It can also give someone a boost of energy when it counts, in addition to its brain-boosting Vitamin E. Walnuts, hazelnuts, and cashews are all fantastic foods for the brain.
  5. Eggs: They may have had a bad rap before, but not anymore. Eggs are full of brain-energizing fat and protein. It also has a nutrient called ‘cholin,’ recognized by nutritionists as indispensible to a brain’s health. Cholin is not just for adults – children whose mothers took Cholin supplements showed increased and improved memory capacity and function compared to children whose mothers did not. As a bonus, it also has enough selenium to improve your mood considerably, which can help you with whatever brainwork you have on your table.
  6. Wild Salmon: The Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in wild salmon and other fish do not just help control a person’s cholesterol, they can also help fight Alzheimer’s. It helps prevent the accumulation of Alzheimer’s causing proteins, which can keep your brain functioning for years and years
  7. Tomatoes: Lycopene, found in tomatoes, is a powerful anti-oxidant that can strengthen a person’s brain. Constant intake can also help avoid dementia. That does mean that ketchup is good for you – however, the sugar in ketchup isn’t, so it is best to find another source of tomatoes for your brain-boosting needs.Whether you need the improved brain power for an all-nighter or a difficult test, these are the foods that you want in your diet. Daily consumption is best for consistently improved brain function and memory.

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