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As kids, we could jump, run and climb all day without slowing down. But energy doesn’t come as easily to most of us today.

Unfortunately, most energy solutions are laced with more sugar and caffeine than is good for us. Fortunately, we believe in something better. We combined real fruit juice with natural sources of caffeine in Nevo to give you a smarter option. But energy drinks weren’t always so unhealthy.

In 1960, the first energy drink was created in Japan by a company called Taisho Pharmaceuticals — though it wasn’t sold as a beverage. It was introduced as a medical tonic that helped increase energy and focus. Years later, Dietrich Mateschitz moved the product from the medicine cabinet to the fridge. He did this by adding sugar to give it a sweeter taste and caffeine to deliver more extreme results, creating a drink with more than twice as many calories as Nevo.

The energy drink was slow to catch on – that is until Mateschitz brought his concoction to the United States in 1997. His business grew rapidly, bringing with it a flood of copy-cat competitors who wanted a piece of the sugar-filled pie that was the “energy” market. They each tried to muscle their way into the canned stimulation game by increasing the amount of sweetener and caffeine in every ounce. And it worked for a while.

Today’s consumers are more informed. They want a better solution, one that gives them the energy they need without the compromise. That’s why we created Nevo.

Nevo is an energy blend that pairs real fruit juice with ingredients such as green tea and guarana to give you an extra bounce in your step, with fewer calories than other leading brands. And Nevo has vitamins and minerals to give you lasting energy in your choice of four great flavors.

So, when you are in need of quick energy, go for the smarter solution. Go with Nevo.

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