Quinoa vs Couscous (Differences, Nutrition with 9+ Unique Recipes)

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Whats the Main Difference Between Quinoa and Couscous?

Because of their round shape and similar texture, many people often wonder what the difference is between couscous and quinoa. Although they might be comparable in appearance and culinary applications, quinoa and couscous are actually from completely different foods.


Below we will explore the major differences between quinoa and couscous. We’ll also talk about nutritional properties and the specific health benefits or downfalls that either one might have. Finally, we’ll give you some awesome and unexpected recipes to try and answer the most frequently asked questions about both of them.


What is Couscous?

While it may look like a different grain, couscous is nothing but standard pasta flour that’s been shaped or ground in a round fashion. Generally speaking, the standard single ingredient in couscous is Semolina Wheat Flour. This is the same exact ingredient that you’ll find on your typical box of pasta.

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Tabbouleh (as pictured above) is one of the most traditional ways that couscous is served. It is a Middle Eastern Salad that’s primarily flavored with lemon and parsley with couscous as the base. It may also include onions and cucumbers depending on how it is prepared.  Click HERE to continue with this informative article  By Joey Bruno

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