How are you treating your business

How Professionals Think as They Build Their Online Business

Like a little, quiet, cute “maybe hobby” without a spine?

Or like a “life and death MOVEMENT to freedom?”

Most treat stuff like it doesn’t really matter one way or another… wishy washy… hedging their social standing bets (oh what will they think if I really go hard but fail?) etc…

The ones who get massive results and change lives treat this stuff like an obsession.

They don’t make sense. These kinds of people seem weird. They’re “too into it” and they’re “addicted with that stuff” and they lose sleep… and they sacrifice and they miss out on some socializing stuff… but to them, it’s IMPORTANT to get the word out and to reach the masses.

They are the ones who build significant businesses.

Others don’t.

Which side would help you in your goals?


A movement which has great ends to achieve must carefully guard against the danger of losing contact with the masses of the people. Every problem encountered must be examined from this viewpoint first of all and the decision to be made must always be in harmony with this principle.


That’s basically all your “personal marketing” or “network marketing” or even many forms of internet marketing and specially “social media marketing” really is…

…choosing which “masses of the people” you serve and figuring out ways to get YOUR message in front of them DAILY and NEVER losing sight of that.

Simple, right?

But it needs passion and emotion behind it.

If you bore people, they will not move toward you.

People follow passion and emotion and authenticity. Even the ones who say they don’t… really do. It’s in the code. In the DNA of human nature.

DO that… and it simplifies a whole lot of drama.

…that’s what really helped me figure out how to go from building a little, stressful, confusing, overwhelming tiny little part-time, “paying me peanuts” home biz op, to finally creating a real MOVEMENT and a business model that delivers sustainable, consistent, full-time income and generates revenue and profits daily.

I stopped and started over but this time by visualizing the END IN MIND, first.


I wrote down things that were important to me like:

1. I want to be able to generate sales and profits 24/7 in my business and not only when I’m physically working in it like every other sales job or network marketing thing. I want to make money while I sleep.

2. I want to be able to travel and have my business be portable, global and simple to administer.

3. I want to make larger amounts of money NOW and not have to wait for complex, risky human developments to take forever to create larger income. I want LARGE CHUNKS OF PROFITS NOW and not “in 3-5 years.”

4. I want my business SYSTEM to be able to deliver a productive message and follow up messages 24/7 and not be dependent on MY PERSONAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS to do it person to person or for my teammates. I don’t want to be the guy EVERYONE depends on… I want my business SYSTEM to have videos, calls, audios and written tools to move sales with or without me.

5. I want to be able to step away from the grinding and enjoy time with my family and STILL HAVE THE BUSINESS RUN AND GROW.

So, as an example, those were just 5 (off the top of my head) REAL THINGS I wanted to create inside my ideal business.

That was the “LIST OF OUTCOMES” that I wanted to figure out how to create.

From that list, I made decisions on which business projects and offers and networks I’d take on and test and which I would reject and stop doing. Sometimes you don’t know exactly how a compensation plan or marketing style of a program will be in REAL LIFE as you build it… unless you actually test by building it.

Some things and ideas look great on paper, but are horrible, when you test it in the real market place and in your own life.

So, if you’re focused on building “the perfect personal lifestyle business” for you, I highly recommend you go through a process like this and make a list of what exactly your perfect business needs to look like…

…and take everything from there.

Above all else, I wanted to have SIMPLICITY in my business. In all areas of the business, I wanted and needed things to be simplified.

I wanted to have a SIMPLE CORE MESSAGE to take to the masses.

I wanted to have a system that ran in a SIMPLE WAY so that I could just share a link and have people flow through the process.

My feeling, after being involved in so many models that were very complex, was that if the core message is NOT simple to take to the masses and attract a steady percentage of them to review the concept… if that CORE MESSAGE was not simple to take to the people, then I knew it wouldn’t duplicate for the masses.

And if it didn’t move and share well and easily with the masses, it would die and just become another hard, “sales job” to move.

So, with all that as my guide, I started to move around and test models and programs and offers and I’m happy to say that I feel the way my business runs now is finally where I wanted it to be.

I have a simple message that I take to the masses.

I take it in the form of posts on facebook and sharing a booklet online or offline.

People click a link and watch a video.

Email follow ups flow to them, guiding them through and explaining the process.

We connect personally on facebook, email, text or phone if we need to, and they’re also invited consistently to conference calls, webinars and live events that help educate and sell for me.

Everything starts easily with low priced offers anyone can afford.

And very quickly and efficiently the system continues to filter in people who have a bigger vision and desire to earn higher commissions and residual income and they buy the “backend upsells” and plug into the culture at live events.

All that happens with or without me.

I have the choice to be very active in the process or to be passive in it.

So my business and my teammates’ businsses moves and is shared, grows and profits in the same way.

And that’s why I like it.

You can reinvent this kind of model yourself by creating all the sites, offers, communications, videos and products yourself…

…or you can simply leverage into this one like I do.

Either way, this was the process that allowed me to create something that’s truly full time and global/mobile for my chosen lifestyle.

And I’m passionate about sharing the concept with the masses because I completely believe that millions of other people just like me, can also use this kind of new business model to absolutely alter the direction of their lives and improve their lifestyle.

I’m passionate and obsessed about sharing how this works with anyone willing to hear me out.

And that’s, I think, why it works so well for me.

Anyway, that’s it for today my friend…

See you again tomorrow.


Written by my Coach Franco Gonzalez

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