Pink Flower Gardens

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Pink Flower Gardens

Special Breast Cancer Awareness Edition
In this edition of Zoesuccess-Smart Living Magazine, we want to turn your attention to women who have been adversely affected by breast cancer. Over 200,000 will be diagnosed this year alone. We honor lives lost, celebrate survivors; promote breast cancer research to help bring breast cancer care to those who so desperately need it. You can do something about this global need; either make a donation or do something to display your support, like planting a garden with pink flowers.

Why plant a garden with pink flowers?

Pink as a color fully captures the feminine genre. A garden makes you think of life and growth. A flower garden that is primarily pink is very eye-catching, and pink flowers are some of the prettiest flowers offered by nature. Plant a pink flower garden offset by white flowers, and those who admire your garden will be delighted! Remember, the color pink is the color symbolizing breast cancer awareness. The following pink flowers are suitable for most heartiness zones in the United States.

What To Look For

Clematis: Montana Broughton Star, Montana Elizabeth, Vyvyan Pennell, Texenis Duchess of Albany, Will Goodwin, Charissima Carnaby
Peonies: Mons Charles Leveque, Sarah Bernhardt, Madam Calot, Barbara, Dr Alexander Fleming, Festiva Maxima
Calla Lillies: Hot Chocolate Hot Salmon Chianti Intrigue
Trees: mop top Robinias, Paper Bark Birches, Tree Gardinias, Bay trees (for a Bay hedge) Manferns – Dicksonia Antartica –  about 3-4 feet tall, 10 about 6 feet tall. Rose Wisteria
Perennials:  Hanging rosemary shrubs, Galtonia Moonbeam, Sidalcea Oberon, Border Gem Phlox, Satin Veil Phlox,  HB May Phlox, Hebe Salicifolia, pink and blue rosemary shrubs, curry plants (for a curry hedge),  ‘Hens and Chickens,’ Convolvulus Sabatius (a purple flowering ground cover),  white Alpine daisies,  Comfrey Cambridge, Rival Strawberries,  Chandler Strawberries,  Plentranthus, Argentatus,  Anthriscus, Ravenswing, Giant Rhubarb,  Acanthhus (Oyster Plants),  Lysimachia, Beaujolais, Penstemon Peace.

Healthy Tips

  • Find plants suitable for your zone. This will make all the difference in your success.
  • Purchase disease free plants. Usually you will find this in nursery’s that sell organic or healthy plant stock.
  • Arrange plants according to height. You will want taller plants in the back and shorter or ground cover plants in the front. Remember to design with “graduation” in mind. Graduate heights to compliment each unique flower or shrub.
  • Map out your garden with heights and depth of color. Use various shades of pink, purple and white to accent the overall theme of pink.
  • Remember to fertilize regularly according to manufacturer’s directions so that you have a vibrant, thriving garden with lots of fabulous pink flowers!

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