Night Skin Care

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Night Skin Care

The skin is the bodys largest organ. The skin is most susceptible to harsh elements in the environment that include air pollutants and metals in the water. Stress on our skin can have a number of negative effects such as acne, dark spots, skin irritations, and premature aging. Taking care of our skin has become an important part of our daily body care routine. With all of the damaging substances that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis, especially our face, night skin care has become an essential component of skin health. Night skin care consists of implementing an easy skin care routine:

Cleansing the Skin. Use a natural or organic make up remover to remove makeup. With a mild natural soap or organic skin care cleanser, gently wash, rinse, and dry your face. Skin Toning. Use a natural or organic skin toner to restore elasticity, rejuvenate the skin, and restore pH balance. Skin Moisturizer. Gently blot and rub an organic skin care moisturizer into the skin. An organic skin care moisturizer will replenish the skin with vitamins and minerals. Night Anti Wrinkle Cream: Our skin is relaxed when we sleep. An anti wrinkle cream is absorbed by the skin where it replenishes and restores cells allowing the skin to maintain its elasticity. Anti Wrinkle Night Cream helps the skin maintain a youthful appearance and fights free radicals that cause the skin to age.

The best skin care products one can use are products that contain all natural ingredients. Using skin care products containing chemicals and other artificial additives will only hurt the skin. Researchers are now discovering that many of the chemical ingredients used in conventional skin care products can be hazardous to our health. Many oils and alcohols can easily be absorbed into the skin making them a preferred choice in large manufacturer skin care products because it helps carry the active chemical ingredients deeper into the skin.

All natural skin care products, or organic skin care products, do not contain ingredients that are damaging to the skin. They are made without using chemicals that contain butyl-, ethyl-, methyl- and propyl-, which are the four major parabens. A number of studies have revealed that an increase in paraben use is directly related to an increased risk of breast cancer. Mineral oil contains a petroleum by-product which reduces the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins thereby increasing the risk of acne and other skin irritations. It also inhibits skin cell development which accelerates the risk of premature aging. Any mineral oil derivative can be contaminated with cancer causing PAH’s (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons). Mineral oil derivatives include: Paraffin wax, Paraffin oil, Liquidum paraffinum, and Petrolatum. If you are using non-organic skin care products, it is important to be aware of the effects that chemicals have on your hormones.

Organic skin care products contain natural ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Two important natural ingredients found in organic skin care products are Vitamin E and C which are rich in antioxidants. Other natural ingredients that can be found in organic skin care products include Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, keratin, algae, fruit and herb extracts, and natural oils such as olive, avocado, macadamia, and others. Organic skin care products are more effective than artificial cosmetic products, not tested on animals, contain no animal by products, and are safe to use. Organic night skin care products such as Edens Kiss Night Facial Elixir for Mature, Dry Skin and Organoderms Nutrient Night Cream are examples of a quality organic skin care product.

Establishing a night skin care plan is an essential step to maintaining natural and healthy skin. It is wise to read the ingredient label on your skin care product to make sure you are not doing more harm than good.

Replenish and restore your skin while you sleep. Formulated with APT-200™, as well as antioxidants and hydrating ingredients. This moisturizing night cream restores luminosity while reducing the appearance of fine dehydration lines for a more youthful-looking appearance. Wake up looking rested and refreshed.

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