Why the New Year is a popular time to undergo plastic surgery

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The year is coming to an end, so we’re all starting to think about holiday binge-ing and new year’s resolutions. The reason they’re so popular is that January represents a new start. In reality, the sun rises just like it does on any other day. But culture and society tell us this sunrise is different, that it’s the start of something wonderful and new.


January 1st offers the promise of opportunity and expectation. It’s the perfect chance to make a big change in your life. For some people, there’s an additional impetus. A lot of our resolutions are driven by our experiences over the holiday season.


For many people, Christmas is the only time we get to see our families, especially if we work far from home. We will gather in the areas where we grew up. This means in addition to seeing long-lost relatives and we may also bump into childhood friends, former classmates, and the neighborhood kids who went off in search of adventure.


We don’t like to admit it, but these holiday reunions can get quite competitive. For parents, aunts, uncles, and even grandparents, it’s a time of nostalgia. They enjoy having so much family around after a long lonely year, so in a way, they want to see more little ones.


This is probably why they ask those awkward questions about when you will bring them a spouse, or when you’ll have another child. Among siblings, the contest is somewhat different. You might suss each other out to see who’s more fit, who has put on more weight, who has a bigger house or a better car. Friendly neighborhood rivalry may follow the same pattern.


Often, as a result of all this holiday comparison, new year’s resolutions will be geared toward self-improvement. This urge is aggravated by all the unhealthy eating and lazing around that comes with the holidays. You’re bound to have picked up a few pounds in all that feasting.


And if your former classmate has sculpted abs, you’re sure to be self-conscious. Keep in mind that many countries experience a ‘White Christmas full of gloves, muffs, and fluffy ‘body armour. For us Aussies, Christmas time is beach time, so all those beautiful bodies are on display. It gives one more reason for friends and relatives to work out in preparation.


After all, they will not only be showing off to fat friends and siblings, and they will also be parading their perfect lines and curves in the summer sun. From shorts and hats to sandals and bikinis, their physique will be drool-worthy, and that will make you worry about yours.


While the solution for many men is to join a gym or take up a sport, women often have a different approach. Rather than exercise, many women respond to holiday pressure with diet regimens and cosmetic surgery. The upside is once they have their new bodies, they are more likely to harness the power of the new year.


For example, if a patient has liposuction in January, she is likely to start exercising and maintain a healthy diet so that her beautiful new body stays that way. Of course, body transformations aren’t just about getting the curves you want. For many people, meeting new nieces, nephews, and grandkids reminds them of how much time has passed.


Also, when you meet people you went to school with, you may notice that they haven’t all aged well, and this might make you reflect on how old you look. That nagging feeling might have you consulting a facelift surgeon Sydney. After all, a good facelift will have you looking decades younger, and you can start the year with a brand new attitude.


The new year might also be a great time for a facelift because of the pricing. Many surgeons will have just come back from their own Christmas holidays and may be willing to give ‘off-season’ discounts. In many parts of the word, high season for body-shaping surgery is just before summer, so that they can show off their beach bodies. Facelifts and mommy make-overs are often scheduled for December and January when they’re all indoors.


For us, January is high summer, but as the holidays wind up, the school year begins. This means the children will be out most of the day, and the relatives will go back to their parts of the world. Your hosting workload will reduce, and you will have a lot of downtimes, which is ideal for facelift recovery. Besides, after being such a good hostess, a nice facelift is a much-deserved reward, so go on, treat yourself.



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