Are you a natural beauty, or fully flawless?

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Instagram and Youtube influencer Allyiah (Allyiahsface) started off a little skeptical about the idea of a BB mist that could go full coverage, but after three sprays she was blown away. “I definitely agree it builds to full coverage. I mean — look at my skin! Not too shiny, not too matte. I really like the finish of it!”

NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation is a buildable foundation that’s great for all skin types and can be worn as subtly or as dramatically as you’d like. It also acts as a concealer, with fuller coverage in areas where you need it most.

After only two sprays, Youtube and Instagram influencer “J Mayo” laughed and declared, “Hello! That’s coverage!” She looks at herself close up and exclaims, “It’s buildable. You can keep going, but I feel like this looks good! It looks so smooth and dewy as well.”

These women go in-depth and all-out to show how NV can give anyone the look they want — quick, easy, professional airbrush results at home.



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