Movies Perfect to Watch for the Easter Holiday

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Recommended Movies to Watch for the Easter Holiday

Movies Perfect to Watch for the Easter Holiday

Movies Perfect to Watch for the Easter Holiday


The Easter holiday is a time for families to get together and celebrate for many different reasons. Although there are certain religious traditions associated with Easter, people who do not associate themselves with a particular religion can celebrate the holiday in many other ways. Kids like to think of Easter as a time when they receive lots of chocolate, particularly chocolate eggs. Easter is one of the rare holidays that do not have a set date each year; the dates that Easter falls on depend on the phase of the moon. The film industry also understands the importance of the Easter holiday period, and many Easter-themed films have been produced over the years. The following films are some of the best to sit down and enjoy for the Easter holiday.

“The Passion of the Christ”

Released in 2004, “The Passion of the Christ” portrays the last few hours of the life of Jesus Christ on earth. Director Mel Gibson wanted to make the crucifixion scene as real as possible, which explains some of the gory elements in the film. “The Passion of the Christ” is perhaps not a safe film for young kids to watch because they may become traumatized. Despite the R rating that it received, “The Passion of the Christ” was considered to be a commercial success, bringing in more than $600 million worldwide.

This film surpassed the expectations of many Hollywood insiders, considering that the majority of the film uses Hebrew and Latin for dialogue. Gibson began production on the film without any major studio backing it, primarily because studios thought that moviegoers would not want to see a movie that used languages other than English. Recently, it was announced that an unofficial sequel to “The Passion of the Christ” would be made. This new film, titled “The Resurrection,” describes Jesus’ time on earth after rising from the dead. The film is scheduled for release over the Easter holiday in 2015.

“A Walton Easter”

For older audiences, watching “A Walton Easter” may bring back some childhood memories. In 1997, many of the original cast of the television series got together for a reunion movie. Unlike the 1970s series, which was set during the Great Depression, this film is set a few decades later. The main plot revolves around John and Olivia’s fortieth wedding anniversary. While the film does not have much relevance to the Easter holiday, there is one scene at the end that does show a typical Easter service in a small country town. Many of the cast don Easter Sunday hats, suits, and dresses. This is a perfect way to reminisce the experiences of going to church on Easter Sunday as a child.

“The Easter Story Keepers”

Following on from the television series “The Story Keepers,” this film is a compilation of episodes ten through twelve of that series. The film is especially good for young kids because it explains the death and resurrection of Jesus in a simple and easy manner. The main character of the film, Ben the Baker, is tasked with saving his fellow Christians from the hands of the Roman emperor Nero. The animations in this film are very simple, but young children won’t mind one bit.

“It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”

“It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” brings back to life one of the most lovable animated characters of the twentieth century. Kids are bound to fall in love with the antics of Charlie Brown, while adults will appreciate seeing a familiar face on-screen once again. The Peanuts gang prepare for Easter in the only way they can: by having as much fun as possible. Charlie and his friends decide to decorate their eggs for Easter, so naturally they go out shopping for Easter decorations. Linus attempts to tell the gang not to panic because the Easter Beagle will take care of everything for them.


Rated PG, “Hop” is suitable for the whole family. Adults will recognize some of the voice-overs performed by Hugh Laurie and Russell Brand. The main premise of the film is centered on E.B., who does not look forward to becoming crowned the new Easter Bunny. Disobedience gets the better of him, and E.B. escapes to Hollywood to become a rock star drummer. With lots of candy treats, watching this film may make you want to devour some chocolate yourself. “Hop” received many favorable reviews, and it has the potential to be known as the greatest Easter-themed film for some time to come.


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