How to maintain work-life balance as a Mom-trepreneur

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Momhood + network marketing = One busy life

Being a mom-trepreneur is tough. There are never enough hours in the day to do everything. It’s one of the reasons that network marketing can fit so perfectly into a busy mom’s lifestyle. You can arrange your own schedule, create your own opportunities and manage your own time.

Tips for getting more done in a day

The important thing to remember as an entrepreneur with a busy schedule is that a work-life balance is a top priority. You can’t take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself.

Here are a few suggestions to help create that balance.

  1. Make the most of the features in Jmobile™! The Prospector tool can help you manage your leads and contacts. Set yourself reminders for when to follow up with Customers, and use the pre-written (but editable!) messages to quickly reach out and keep records of every touchpoint.

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  1. Use the “Pomodoro technique” of time management to help yourself focus and get more done. Pomodoro is a technique of setting yourself a timer and focusing on a specific task while it’s running — say, 25 minutes or so. Set aside your phone, email and all other distractions until the timer runs out. Then, time yourself for a short break — say 5 minutes. By “chunking” up your day, you may be able to cross more things off your to-do list. You may also realize how much you can get done with a clear objective and a set time in which to accomplish it.
  2. Make every trip out of the house multipurpose, and make every trip a business trip if you can. Need to run to the grocery store? Drop off some business cards at the nail salon in the same shopping complex. Introduce yourself and network. Take other people’s cards and add their info to your contact list. Does your kid have a soccer game, Girl Scout meeting or karate class? Introduce yourself to the other parents! Always wear a smile and make the most of every interaction. As you look for opportunities in your daily life, you’ll find easy ways to continue to grow your business, simply by doing things you already do.

    **Bonus tip!: Use a mileage app to log your travel expenses – even when you’re running around town – and take the hassle out of business paperwork.

  3. Have fun on your business travels. Jeunesse live events often take place near great vacation destinations, so when you attend, make sure you schedule a few extra days for relaxation and rejuvenation, too. Sometimes, Jeunesse is able to secure reduced hotel or ticket rates beyond the days of the event, so watch your Jnews feed (in both Joffice™ and Jmobile) for details on exclusive event specials!

No matter how much you work, no matter what your chosen career, Jeunesse believes that self-care and family come first. Strike the right balance in your life by enjoying the real moments that matter — both at work and at play.

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