Is It Time to Lighten Up?

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Is It Time to Lighten Up? Time for YOUR Spring Cleaning!

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The energies of spring can be an amazing catalyst for change and I’m not just talking about spring cleaning of the house and yard! YOUR house needs a tune-up as well and if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live? I truly love that question and the powerful insight it provides! This is a good time of the year to take stock of how you feel on three levels – body, mind & spirit.

Not sure what I mean by this? Let me get you started with these three inquiries:

1. What is weighing you down? Is it time to purge closets or your inbox, or is it time to purge people/situations from your life? The answers might surprise you!
2. Do you want to make some healthy changes? Is it time for a nutrition overhaul, some fun physical activity or long overdue self-care?
3. What do you need a dose of? This is your spiritual RX… it simply soothes the soul. Do you need to visit or create a new/healthy environment and enjoy a bit of R & R with scenic vistas?

I checked in with myself and had some powerful realizations. The most important one involved changing my approach to certain processes in my life. It was time to be more consistent in my routine. I have a tendency to do what I call “re-shuffling the deck” – I will re-work my scheduled activities when I have flexibility. This is part of my nature because I am good at improvisation and thinking outside the box, but it has become typical behavior as of late. It was a huge relief to acknowledge that about myself and realize that I was now ready to change this behavior (or attempt to!). This was literally weighing me down and now I begin the process of making positive change to this part of my life.

Once you answer these questions honestly, you will provide you own road map for how to proceed. What you discover can be surprising, refreshing and enlightening and will hopefully motivate you to implement some healthy and empowering changes. But, until you check in with yourself, you may never know what you need until forced to change because of a health or lifestyle crisis. Taking this fun and proactive approach means you can enjoy the process on your terms!

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I look at what is going on in every area of a client’s life to help them create the vibrant, healthy & delicious life they have always desired. This involves taking a close look at what is going on in four key areas of their life – Work/Career, Spirituality, Physical Activity & Relationships. When you are fulfilled in these four areas, what we call “Primary Foods”, actual food becomes secondary. It truly is a case of feeding your soul and the rest will fall into place. It is a beautiful and empowering process to witness in others!

Is it time to go from diseased living to Beautifully Empowered?
Is it time to stop trying to do this alone?
Take the next step with me by your side!

What if you had the support, tools, and strategies to feel healthy & vibrant? Let me help you discover your personalized road map to the life you have always wanted; the life you have always envisioned for yourself.

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