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Simple Freedom’s Favorite Internet Marketing Tools and Resources. These are the Tools and Resources that are being used to Build my Business Online.


Building a Business Online Marketing Tools




So these are my marketing tools.

I use them daily because they’re awesome and they make my life a whole lot simpler, which is what “Simple Freedom” is all about. If you’re serious about internet marketing and simplifying your business (and your life), then you’ll love reviewing and using these tools. If you already have something you’re tying to sell or “build” and you just need solid internet marketing tools to help you build your list, follow up and close sales, then you’ll find the tools below.

Are You Completely New to this?

If you’re brand new and just starting to learn, then I’d suggest you read a couple books I’ve written specially for you that break down this whole thing and explains the “big picture” of making money online in a simple way. I have two ebooks I’d recommend if you’re interested in “Internet Marketing” or “Affiliate Marketing” which is what I do.


Book 1: The Simple Freedom Booklet.
Book 2: The Coconut Money Code.

If you’re also a Network Marketer and are trying to learn how to build your network marketing business using the Internet and Social Media Networks, then I’d recommend you read two more books specially for you to understand how I learned to use Internet Marketing along with building Network Marketing teams:

Book 1: Magnetic Sponsoring, by Mike Dillard
Book 2: GoPRO by Eric Worre

With these books under your belt, you should have a clear picture of what is really happening online and how professional marketers setup their businesses online and create full time streams of cash flow… all by using smart systems, the Internet and Social Networks.

“But, I’m just starting to learn this. I really want to make money online but I don’t have a business to promote yet. What do you recommend I start with?”

If you’re brand new and looking for a great way to get started online with the most leverage, the best automation and with nothing you need to “reinvent” then I highly recommend you click here and watch this video. It’s the system I use that has everything I basically need to build a full time income in ONE SOLID SYSTEM. Training, systems and coaching is all included by the system and by me personally to help you build cash flow. Simply click the banner below and review this proven system.

Empower Network Business Presentation


You Need Tools to Create Lead Capture Pages Online to Make Offers and Create Leads. This builds your most valuable prospect email list.

*List Building is the CORE of your online business.*

Below you’ll find the tools I use in my own business to build funnels that turn cold traffic into leads and sales for me and build my email list.

1. Done-For-You Complete Online Business-In-A-Box. Empower Network. Education and Training Included. Great for Beginners. You’ll have a blog, the marketing training you need, built-in list building and they even email follow up your prospects for you, present and close your sales.

2. Internet Marketing Education and Attraction Marketing System. My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Affiliate Marketing System. List Building Pages and Funnels Created For You. Use to Marketing Any Home Business. Includes some of the best education and training on internet marketing and attraction marketing.  This is great for affiliate marketers and network marketers from any company or program.

3. Facebook Marketing System. 22Social Facebook Marketing App. If you plan on using Facebook for Traffic and Leads, you’ll want this tool. I use it for fast duplication of marketing funnels and training hangouts for my subscribers or my complete sales teams. Great if you plan to master the art and science of getting traffic, leads and sales using Facebook.

4. Complete Internet Marketing Tool Suite. Power Lead System. Perfect for People Who Already Have a Home or MLM Business. This is a complete suite of tools for lead capture and follow up selling pages. As simple as a capture page or as professional as a complete marketing funnel for any company, offer or program. Includes a great autoresponder so you don’t need an outside one.

5. Simple2Advertise Marketing Suite. Another option for lead capture and marketing funnel creation. Beautiful layouts and templates all ready for you to just promote and market.

6. Email Autoresponder. Mailerlite. Independent email autoresponder. You’ll want to use this to build your own email prospect list. NOT needed if you use Power Lead System.

7. Marketing Blog. I’m made hundreds of thousands of dollars in online sales because I use a blog. It’s the anchor to everything I do. Offers and companies come and go but if you have a solid blog platform for your content and branding, you’re in business forever with powerful leverage. You want a good blog that makes money easily. Empower Network Kalatu Blog System. Ready to go. Done  for you. Fastest way to start blogging and earning cash flow online. This blog platform is made for making money and includes top level training on how to use to create traffic and sales.

You Now Have Access to ALL the Resources I Use to Make Money Online.

These are the tools that I use daily in my online business to create a presence online, generate traffic, build a follow up list, present my offers and generate sales both on social networks like Facebook and on the Internet at large.

Learning how to make money online doesn’t have to be complicated.

All you really need is a Facebook page, a blog and a lead capture page (funnel) with email autoresponder. With those simple tools, you can create a profitable business from scratch.


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