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Toward a Healthier Closet

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↓ The clothing industry is super wasteful. Here’s how to stop being part of the problem. ↓ I love clothes and I love shopping. So, I was totally guilt-stricken when I learned that textiles are a leading polluter, coming in second only to the oil and gas industry....

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Leg Health Connects to Your Brain

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↓ Want to keep your noggin happy? Pump those legs! Boosting neurological health doesn’t depend solely on doing crossword puzzles and eating walnuts. A new study suggests that in order for neural cells to be produced in the brain, using the legs—especially in weight-bearing exercise—is vitally important. ↓ The...

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Why We Procrastinate

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↓ Brain structures may explain this personality tendency. ↓ People seem divided into two camps. Some people swear by expressions such as, “Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.” But others will insist, “Procrastination pays.” We typically are a procrastinator by nature—or not—but why? Researchers...

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