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Want radiant skin? Dr. Donna Antarr’s best Luminesce tips & tricks

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Are you confused about how to use the Luminesce® skin care line? Dr. Donna Antarr, a member of the Jeunesse scientific advisory board, recently hosted a webinar and shared some great Luminesce tips and tricks, including recommendations for usage, application and much more. If you’re looking to...

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Power Up Your Soul’s Purpose

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Your soul purpose may be hiding within your solar plexus chakra. “The third chakra embodies the energy of self-confidence that says, ‘This is me. This is who I am.’”   ↓ Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura   The third chakra, manipura, is the solar plexus, and it’s through this energy center that we...

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Self-Care With Acupressure for Emotional Balance

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How to Release Stagnant Emotional Energy “According to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), emotions that aren’t properly processed become stored in the body—clogging up the flow of vital energy, known as qi, through the body’s invisible network of meridians (channels).”     Whether it’s anger, fear, grief, or sadness, difficult...

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Your Nervous System Is at War—How to Negotiate Peace

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Your nervous system has a sweet spot. Reach the optimal state of calm arousal and call a cease-fire on the war within you.     Laila Munoz has a recurring nightmare: She arrives home from work and finds about 40 uninvited Trump supporters in her living room, plotting...

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Skin care is self-care: Take time to ‘mask’

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      Cared-for, beautiful skin is truly an everyday endeavor. Cleansing, treatment and broad-spectrum SPF are steps you can’t skip, but did you know sheet masks are also a “skin care nonnegotiable”?   “Ever since becoming a market sensation nearly 10 years ago, facial masks have grown remarkably quickly...

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Spring clean your health with M1ND and Reserve

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  Spring has almost sprung! For many, this season of renewal is the ideal time to reawaken, to take stock of your surroundings. As much as your home and other facets of your life, your body needs a good “spring cleaning” so your healthy lifestyle can sparkle, shine...

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Survival Consciousness

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  Infinite bliss and enlightenment may be just a breath away. But what does that really mean?     Many years ago a stage hypnotist came to my high school for a routine performance in which the finale involved telling a wispy teenage girl that she was as strong...

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