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Want radiant skin? Dr. Donna Antarr’s best Luminesce tips & tricks

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Are you confused about how to use the Luminesce® skin care line? Dr. Donna Antarr, a member of the Jeunesse scientific advisory board, recently hosted a webinar and shared some great Luminesce tips and tricks, including recommendations for usage, application and much more. If you’re looking to...

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7 Essential Oils for Anxiety

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• • •   Calming essential oils for anxiety can soothe racing thoughts, overall stress, tight muscles, and panic attacks.   Stress and anxiety are part of life—and some years, we really get a doozy of a dose. Fortunately, there’s a powerful, natural tool that can help us cope...

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10 Cognitive Distortions That Contribute to Anxiety and Depression

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♠ Discover common and harmful cognitive distortions, how they work, and why they are misleading.     Sometimes, we think about ourselves and our lives in ways that are pretty illogical and even unfair to ourselves. We make interpretations about what’s happening that are twisted and misleading, but we...

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4 Ayurvedic Remedies for Cough and Cold

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♠ Fight off seasonal afflictions with Ayurvedic wisdom. Hint: You’ll be utilizing emotional healing, breathwork, and delicious recipes.   ↵ I was sitting in class the other day and coughing incessantly. (Fortunately, this was a virtual class.) One of my mentors, someone trained in Western medicine, as well as Ayurveda,...

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Better Sleep, Better Marriage

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♠   The more you sleep, the more likely you are to be satisfied with your marriage.     In his book Starship Troopers, science fiction author Robert Heinlein writes, “Happiness consists in getting enough sleep. Nothing more. Nothing less.” In his bestselling 1959 book, his character is a recruit of...

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Anxious? Try Float Therapy

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♣ If you’ve been struggling with an overstimulated nervous system and are seeking a new way to nourish yourself, try floating. It's late afternoon on a weekday and I arrive for my float therapy session checking the volume of my inner radio station—the one that reflects my anxiety levels...

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3 Keys to Thriving: How to Have Purpose, Prosperity, and Ease

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♠ Discover these three powerful keys to step into a purpose-filled, prosperous, and easeful life.   ↵ In my practice with my clients, I help them thrive. ↵ I define thriving in a simple way: living your greatest purpose in a way that aligns with prosperity and doing it with ease. ↵ In my experience, most people have...

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How (and Why) to Feel a Feeling

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• • •   “The problem isn’t the depth of sadness or anger that we feel. The problem is our resistance to them.”     Stress, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, breakups, chronic pain—half the trouble we get into in our lives comes from struggling to simply feel our feelings. Our culture...

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