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Want radiant skin? Dr. Donna Antarr’s best Luminesce tips & tricks

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Are you confused about how to use the Luminesce® skin care line? Dr. Donna Antarr, a member of the Jeunesse scientific advisory board, recently hosted a webinar and shared some great Luminesce tips and tricks, including recommendations for usage, application and much more. If you’re looking to...

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Tell the Real Story of Thanksgiving With Indigenous Food

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Honor Native American history and culture this Thanksgiving with Chef Sean Sherman’s indigenous recipes.   Thanksgiving is one of the most widely celebrated and beloved holidays in the US. For most Americans, Thanksgiving means food—more than 90 percent of the country partakes of a Thanksgiving meal with...

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What’s the Weirdest Thing You’re Thankful For?

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“I’m thankful for nondairy creamer, locking doors, and never having to take algebra again.”     I’m thankful for ravens. Cheese. Vitamin K.   I’m thankful for not having typhus or gangrene. I’m thankful for optometrists, this ring, and fennel seeds.   I’ve always thought Thanksgiving dinners should include thanks-giving rituals, during...

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How to Relax When Seeing the Dentist

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    Dr. Ross Chiaramonte on overcoming dentist phobia. Sponsored Content from Reputation.CA     Dental phobia or odontophobia is estimated to plague as many as 35 million Americans, according to the 2012 book The Fearless Smile: Overcoming Dental Phobia. The anxiety generated from booking an appointment and visiting a dentist...

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Mindful Love

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  ♠     Just when we think we have mastered mindfulness alone in our daily practice, we enter a relationship and realize what novices we are. Relationships are the graduate school of mindful practices and mindful practices create healthy relationships. This mindful mastery has many levels:   Mindfulness 101: Be...

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Management by Walking

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  An Excerpt from The Open-Air Life by Linda Åkeson Mcgurk   Walks in nature and embracing friluftsliv—the Scandanavian art of year-round outdoor living—could be the key to happier, healthier workplaces.     Workplace meetings are legion in Sweden, a country where organizations are flat, and consensus is prized. A friend of...

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4 Exercises to Build Trust and Confidence in Your Intuition

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◊   Whether you lean clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or claircognizant, you can strengthen your relationship with your intuition.     Have you ever found yourself unable to ignore a strong gut instinct about a situation? These inexplicable experiences that we dismiss as mere coincidence are often tied to our inner...

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Why You Should Be Eating Ancient Grains

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  ♠   Kamut, farro, spelt, quinoa, millet, barley, amaranth—this isn’t a magical incantation. Or maybe it is. The words are names for ancient grains, whole grains that have been around for centuries. For centuries, whole was how we ate grain, too. Then we discovered milling.   Milling, or grinding,...

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