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Exactly How I Went Full Time Online

Hey there it’s Hanamel.

I want to share with you exactly
how I went full time online…

So by now you’ve read the
Simple Freedom Booklet, right?

Simple Freedom Booklet

The main message in that
book is that you have power.

You have the power to choose
to make this online stuff VERY
complicated, difficult and almost


You have the power to choose
to make it simple, fun and easy.

The first step is up to you.

It’s up to you to make the decision.

Because if you focus on it being
difficult, your unconscious mind
is going to find every single way
to prove you right

…and it’ll find all kinds of reasons
why this is super complicated and
you can’t do it.


If you focus on how simple this
stuff is, your unconscious mind
will fight to prove THAT correct.

And this will be the easiest
way in your life to create a full
time cash flow stream.

Kona Big Island Hawaii

It took me a while to figure that
out. I learned the hard way.

But in the end it all came down
to be that simple.

Once I made the decision to
keep this stuff simple and have
fun with it, the results came.

The Simple Freedom Booklet
explains the process I used.

It was the same simple process
used by authors, Fortune500
companies and celebrities.

I just lifted it from them.

And it worked.

Basically all I did was focus
on a couple facts. They were:

1. Millions of people just like
you and I are always looking
online for a way to create cashflow.

The home business arena is
a multi-billion dollar space already.

2. Most people in this space are
brand new. They’re looking for
knowledge on HOW this works.

3. Most people would rather make
LOTS of money in a simple way and
not get tangled up in a complicated
way to make peanuts.

That was it.

So I decided to be the person
starting up the conversation by
posting content online that asked:

“Hey, are you looking for a simple
and fun way to create full time cash flow

“If you are, then click here and I’ll
teach you how this works…”

And that simple concept started
a conversation in the person’s mind…

…they clicked on my link to find out.

And they got to page like this and
filled it out to get more information…  Click HERE to continue –

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