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Unfortunately, this is a precarious process. It is not a simple process to get healthy quick. There are slight changes over a long period of time before one can see the effects of poor nutritional status. An innate intelligence is present in all of our bodies that allow us to adapt to other stressors. For example, a well-nourished person may feel tired (due to protein depletion), but only for a short time. The body “realizes” alternate fuel reserves until a regular balance is once again maintained. However, if nutritional status is not re-established continued compensatory mechanisms will mean further adaptation. Adaptation will continue, on a worse level.

There is an “organ hierarchy” in most of us. We are made to preserve our most vital systems at the expense of the other organs. Our body will continue to break down until disease and then death occurs. Sounds bad, but true and inevitable unless recognition and intervention is found early enough to reverse the process. If you or someone you know someone who falls in the following categories, you may want to help them regain optimum health and get healthy quick:

One of the biggest of these groups is the elderly. South Florida has one of the largest concentrations of elderly compared to other parts of the country. And unfortunately, they are often ignored as if getting old is a disease in itself! I think of it as another rite of passage and should be welcomed and celebrated! Yes, the body changes, but it should not deteriorate as some of us let it. I see patients who are 80 years old flying their private plane or are out playing tennis: biological age unmatched by their chronological age. Why are other individuals not experiencing the similar things as with their same aged counterparts? They are suffering from depression (which may be due to an amino acid imbalance), lack of teeth (and therefore cannot chew their food), or medication (causing adverse side effects). As a result, anorexia may result and lack of nutrients is available, thus decreasing the availability of the body to do its proper job.

Obsessive dieters also are reaping the effects of micronutrient deficiencies. Diet fads that stress one type of food that’s predominant will offset the body’s systems. Some people have a higher food demand for a particular type of food, such as athletes who exercise too hard. These individuals need more protein and complex carbohydrates, and supplements. They will find themselves subject to lowered immunity and resistance when their body makes up is changed with accompanying chemical imbalances.

Chronic alcoholics suffer from impaired gastritis, impaired absorption of the stomach and intestine, and therefore eat empty calories with no nutritional value. They suffer from a low thiamine status, necessary for the body’s energy intake.

Adolescents are victims of media marketing. Unrealistic expectations of ideal body proportions are template into their psyche. Normal weight girls think that they are fat. Well-developed boys think they are too thin or lacking in muscular development. Strange rituals and eating pattern then develop such as bulimia (throwing up food), diuretic use, anorexia, food fads, etc. This can result in a lack of growth, impaired energy levels, moodiness, and irritability.

Infants of low birth-weight or those with birth defects often have feeding difficulties and inadequate stores of nutrients. Lack of vital nutrients will affect them later in life if not intervened.

Young children with rapid growth spurts have higher nutrient demands. Without the necessary nutrition, poor growth and development will follow. This also includes mental function and capacity.

Optimum health is not free. It is not an inevitable right. We do have the ability to change and reverse the direction of our health. However, holistic changes take longer than pharmaceuticals. However, my opinion is such that natural is better when given a choice and if reasonably possible. For one, you do not suffer severe drug side effects. Another reason is that you are merely putting a band-aid on the problem, rather than to find the cause. Keep in mind, however, for every week of a certain nutrient deficiency, it takes approximately four weeks for re-establishment of normal levels in the body. By Healthy Choices

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