How to Get the Family to Workout Together

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Like it or not sometimes, you are the role model for your kids. They will eat like you, talk like you, and do just about everything else like you – until they’re teenagers when they’ll want to do exactly the opposite! With that in mind, understand that your kids will pick up their health habits from you as well. If they see you on the couch with a bag of chips on your lap, they’ll tend to do that themselves. If they see you working out, they’ll want to get involved. Finding ways to get your kids involved in your home workouts can be a little tricky and a bit challenging, but with a little effort, everyone can get a good workout!

Take a Walk

With infants, this is a great way for you to get a workout. Strap that baby in a backpack and take a brisk walk. With toddlers, it gets a bit more tricky, but you can find inventive ways to get them out in a stroller so you can still get a good walk in. When the kids get a little bit older, they’ll want to walk with you and this will slow you down. But you can involve them in the process of planning the route.

Play a Sport

Get the kids out playing basketball in the driveway. Throw the baseball in the back yard. Jump rope with your kids. Learn a new sport with them. Learn to throw a lacrosse ball or go to the local tennis court and hit the ball around. You don’t have to have a structured game to get the benefits of the exercise.


If you have a favorite workout DVD, get the kids to join in with you. Instead of working out while the kid is in school, wait until they get home. Make it part of their afternoon or evening routine, along with homework and music practice.

Support Your Child’s Interest in Sports

If your daughter wants to play soccer, that takes an enormous time commitment from the parents. But it’s a great way to show her that her fitness and activities are important to everyone. A great way to use the hour while she’s practicing is to take a walk around the soccer park. Get some other parents involved and maybe you’ll even make some new friends!

Teaching your kids to build fitness into their daily lives is a great gift for them. Demonstrating how to live a healthy, active lifestyle can help everyone keep in shape.

Not only does it help keep the whole family in shape but it is a great way to build family bonds and build a relationship between siblings or parents and kids. There is no interaction with TV, but when you get outside and walk, play sports or games and do other activities you will build on your relationship in great ways. This will also be a great way to see what type of activities your kids are interested in. You may be surprised that they like other things than you thought.

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