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Email Marketing Campaigns

How To Get Your Welcome Email Correct

Setting up an email campaign that becomes push-button wealth is not the easiest thing to do in the world. There are innumerable considerations along the way and sometimes, it is pretty tough to hit the right tone and get enough engagement with your subscribers.

And yet, you must because email marketing is one of the most simple ways to create wealth in your business. You get to stay in touch with people and continually make sales if you get this right. It is certainly worth the effort to keep tweaking, testing and optimizing it until it is right.

Here are a few tips for that initial email so that you hit the right tone with people from the get-go.

  1. Introduce yourself
    Yes, it is about your business but people want to link with other people so don’t just use the royal ‘we’ all the time. This is usually an ego boost for you because you want to appear bigger than you are but all you end up doing is making people feel that they are a number in the cog of your giant business. Instead, hit a personal note by introducing yourself by name and say something to welcome them into your world.
  2. Sell your free giveaway
    Do not assume they know the value of what you are giving to them. They may have signed up but now you must reaffirm their faith in what they are about to receive from you. Let them know exactly how it will help them – Remind them of the points you made on the landing page and give them the links to the giveaway, of course.
  3. Tell Them What To Expect
    Now that they are in your community, what can they expect from you? This email is the one that will get the most attention so use it to whet their appetite to hear more and more from you. Tell them how frequently they will hear from you and what kinds of things to expect and also, hint subtly that there will be some promotional content as well. Set the tone!
  4. Mini Commitment
    What can you ask them to do in this initial email that will get them engaged with you. It could be as simple as popping over to your Facebook page and clicking on like or hitting reply and saying hello to you or answering a question.
  5. Leave them wanting more
    How can you lead on to the next email? Have an email campaign plan so that you can leave an open loop in this initial email which leaves your subscribers wanting more from you.

By Rosemary Nonny Knight  


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