Don’t Be Desperate by Breast Cancer, Keep Your Hopes Alive

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Cancer Awareness

Life is too short and one has limited time to enjoy it. Everyone should always try to gather the happiness around him or her. We all face adversities in our life but it doesn’t mean that there are only adversities. Life is a combination of all sort of situations, behaviors and way forwards. We need to keep a balance among all. So don’t get desperate even if you are facing a disease like breast cancer and always intact with the hopes.

We always seek for good things trough out our life but obviously it’s not possible. One has to go through and face different situations in life. Breast cancer is also one of the situations that no one wants to face but sometimes you have to face the reality. Early breast cancer detection is a blessing and it further decides the direction for you.

Find out positivity to dispel the negativity…

When people come to know that they have a dangerous illness like breast cancer they often get into negative feelings and thoughts such as terror, annoyance or gloom. But the real aspect is to find out the positive elements that can sooth you and can help you to get out of this.

Think about the people who die suddenly, for example in an accident and they don’t get even a moment to recall their condition. People with disease can at least have a chance to fight for their life or to complete the incomplete affairs. They can spend more and more time with their loved ones. I have heard many people saying that diagnosis made it easy to prioritize their daily routine as well as to understand the true meanings of life.

Can you specify Quality of Life?

Do you know what quality of life is? Quality of life is your personal judgment about happiness, contentment or enjoyment of life. This includes:

• Control over your feelings
• Symptom relief
• try to pick happiness around you
• Energy of life
• A positive self-image

What you need to do?

You need to be very much peculiar about whatever you have to do or you wish to. So have a glimpse of the points mentioned below.

• You need to know about your disease
• treatment options
• be Understandable and interactive
• set your targets and goals
• keep your head high for positive results
• achieve these goals
• Symptom relief and management
• You need to understand what you want and how you want.
• Emotional and spiritual support
• Advanced care planning
• Support and love of people around you a true essence in fact

Every person is different from other. Every story is unique. There is probably not a particular way to live your life. Everyone has a different opinion and different story to share. Once I read somewhere and quoting it here, “people who know me, know that I’ve been in hospital recently react kind and then I’ll tell them you know that I’m feeling better and coming along. But if people don’t know, then I don’t go there. I just say I’m doing okay or… I try not to get into it. I’m tired of it. Tired of talking about it and… and I don’t want people to, you know; sometimes they just turn sympathetic once they hear and I don’t really want that either. So if I can get away with it I say as little as possible.”…  By Jasmine William

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