How to Dazzle at Summer Celebrations

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Ah, summer! This season is full of opportunities to gather with friends and family and celebrate life’s biggest moments. Whatever the event — be it a wedding, class reunion, graduation or other celebration — you want to look your very best. If you’re looking for a way to dazzle despite summer’s sticky heat, focus on skin care. The healthier your skin, the better you’ll look and feel.


Got Crow’s Feet? Instantly Ageless® to the Rescue
If you want to rewind the clock and show your best face, you’ll love Instantly Ageless. This powerful, age-defying micro cream is designed to diminish the visible signs of aging. To use it, just pat a small drop of the micro cream around your eyes and forehead, and remain expressionless for two minutes. You will feel it working as it firms your skin and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, pores and under-eye bags. Effects will last for 6 to 9 hours.


Summer Skin Care Tip #1
For best results, apply a few drops of Instantly Ageless just before your event. Keep an extra sachet in your bag for late-night touch-ups.


Luminesce® for Glowing Skin
Skin care needs change in summer due to humid weather, excessive sun exposure and the drying effects of air conditioning on delicate facial skin. Many people ditch the moisturizer in summer, making over-dry skin more susceptible to sunburn. Take care of your skin this summer with the Luminesce line of skin care products, formulated to withstand even the most extreme summer weather.


Summer Skin Care Tip #2
To keep your skin glowing and radiant, use Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum morning and night.


Summer Skin Care Tip #3
To help prevent sunburn, skin discoloration and the signs of premature aging, apply Luminesce daily moisturizing complex with SPF 30 each morning.

Click here to find out more about how Luminesce and Instantly Ageless can be your best accessory at summer celebrations.

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