Does Coffee Contribute to Acne?

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Does Coffee Contribute to Acne?

Acne treatments and remedies are of various types. Some remedies may suggest an intake of certain products or medications while others may prohibit you from having certain food and beverages. There are various factors that can cause acne, and these causes vary from person to person according to the body type, skin type or other medical factors. Coffee is often suggested as one of the causes of acne and many people have reported noticeable improvements after quitting coffee.

Caffeine and how it affects acne

Caffeine which is the primary ingredient of coffee is a stimulant that helps in quickening vital processes in the body and its senses. This alkaloid rapidly creates energy in our body and also helps in producing stress releasing hormones. Stress has long been known to produce hormonal steroids such as cortisol which target the skin. These usually result in outbursts in the form of acne and other skin problems. It may be stated that coffee might not be a direct cause of acne, but it definitely plays a role in worsening acne conditions and nullifies the effects of any other acne cure treatment. Since coffee is a stimulant it is also highly addictive. Consuming a lot of coffee on a daily basis could aggravate the problem.

Caffeine intake acts like a shot to the body and also results in hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance is also responsible for stimulating the sebaceous glands which cause a breakout of acne.This hormonal imbalance affects women more prominently, which lead to mood swings, fatigue, constipation and anxiety which in turn also cause acne. Some food experts have also suggested that certain cases of adult inflammation show sensitivities or allergies towards caffeine containing food. It is also suggested that consuming extremely hot drinks results in a flushing effect of the skin, which makes the acne look worse. Excessive coffee consumption also dehydrates the skin and makes it more prone to acne.

Stay away from foods that contain caffeine

There are many ways to cure acne or at least keep it under control. It is always recommended that the internal system is treated with care and is kept free of toxins. A healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables coupled with the exclusion of high caffeine intake will ensure acne will cure naturally. Switching over to a healthier lifestyle with consumption of lots of water, fresh juices and herbal tea results in healthy glowing skin and also acts as an acne cure that will last long and make you feel better. There are lots of other foods that contain caffeine such as carbonated beverages, sweet candies, truffles, pies, instant tea, cakes, yogurts or even medications and caffeine pills. Though these foods contain small amounts of caffeine, as compared to coffee, it is recommended that these foods are consumed minimally to ensure an effective cure for acne.

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