Clean, Polish and Protect your floors the EcoSense way with NEW Clean & Gleam Floor Care System

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Clean & Gleam from Ecosense

A Beautiful, Clean Home Starts at Floor Level

Much of life happens on the floor. It’s the foundation of all family activity and the gateway to your home. It’s where everyone gathers for games, homework, story time, and relaxing. It’s the playground for your children and the highway for family pets. You want your floors to be welcoming to bare feet, five-second rules, and everyone who stops by. Life on beautiful floors is a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, family life can be hard on floors, and even harder on the one who has to clean them. When you run a household, keeping up with life’s messes can be frustrating and never-ending! That’s why Melaleuca created Clean & Gleam,™ our all-new floor care system designed to help you clean and polish your floors quickly, easily, effectively, and yes, frequently. Because a beautiful floor is the foundation of a beautiful home.

Clean & Gleam checks off everything on your wish list for the ultimate floor care system.

12x Super-Concentrated Floor Cleaner
• A beautiful, clean finish—no streaks or haze
• Longer-lasting results
• More affordable than premixed bottled cleaners because it’s 12x concentrated
• Clean scent of sweet citrus and crisp lime essential oils
• Most important of all—it is non-toxic so you can safely use it around children and family pets

Ready-to-Use Floor Polish
• Restores the shine you love and evens out the floor’s appearance
• Protects against scuffs and scratches with our durable OptiShield™ finish
• Protects the environment because it’s zinc-free and phosphate-free; plus, it is nontoxic and safe to use around children and pets

IMPORTANT: The Floor Cleaner and Floor Polish work together for excellent results and are specifically formulated for hardwood floors and any other hard, sealed surfaces like tile, linoleum, and concrete.

Custom Melaleuca Spray Mop
• No batteries required
• Light and easy to maneuver
• Gets the job done faster with a wide mop head that gives you more floor coverage
• Flexible to reach every inset and angle of your floors
• The refillable reservoir is more environmentally responsible because it reduces the need to constantly buy and discard refills

Reusable Mop Pads
Our mop pads are washable and reusable, and they’re individually designed for dusting, cleaning, and polishing. All are microfiber for dust-free, lint-free results.

• Blue Dusting Pad: Thousands of feathery fibers collect and cling to dirt. Excellent to use before mopping or for touch-ups.
• Green Cleaning Pad: High-count absorbent fibers clean thoroughly and entrap all the dirt.
• White Polishing Pad: Soft, clustered texturing spreads the polish evenly so it dries to a brilliant shine.

Cleaning pads simply press into place on the mop, where rows of tiny plastic teeth hold them firmly in place. No slipping, no sliding, no falling off.

Preparation: The Refillable Reservoir
• Remove the reservoir from its mop base by grasping the handle and lifting it up and out.
• Remove the green cap.
• Fill the reservoir to the 12x line (in raised lettering at the bottom) with Clean & Gleam Floor Cleaner.
• Fill the reservoir with water up to the Fill Line (in raised letters near the top).
• Replace the green cap.
• With the reservoir handle facing outward, align the concave-centered back of the reservoir with the mop handle, and press the reservoir down gently into the mop base.
• Simply squeeze the handle to spray.

Beautiful floors in four simple steps

Step one: Sweep and Dust
• Sweep the floor thoroughly.
• Press the blue Dusting Pad into place.
• Dust the floor to remove all traces of lint and dirt.
• Use whenever you want to do a quick touch-up.

Step two: Clean
• Press the green Cleaning Pad into place.
• Spray the floor as you go, mopping areas about 4 feet at a time.
• In about 20 minutes the floor will dry to a clean, streak-free shine.
• Use anytime you need to clean the entire floor or do a quick spot cleanup.

Step three: Polish
• Press the white Polishing Pad into place.
• Pull open the applicator tip on the Clean & Gleam Floor Polish.
• Gently squeeze the bottle and apply the polish in a serpentine pattern on about 4 feet of the floor at a time.
• Work backward across the floor; finish at an exit from the room.
• Rinse the pad immediately after applying the polish to your floor.
• If, for desired shine and protection, you want to apply an additional coat, wait at least 50 minutes before reapplying.
• Use whenever you want to make your floor gleam or to protect it from scratches and scuffs.

IMPORTANTDo not put Floor Polish into the mop reservoir; apply directly to floors.

Step four: Touch Up
• Press the blue Dusting Pad into place on the mop.
• Use for quick touch-ups and dust removal.

Life throws a lot at your floors. Dust, clean, and polish them with the Clean & Gleam Floor Care System.

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