Management by Walking

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  An Excerpt from The Open-Air Life by Linda Åkeson Mcgurk   Walks in nature and embracing friluftsliv—the Scandanavian art of year-round outdoor living—could be the key to happier, healthier workplaces.     Workplace meetings are legion in Sweden, a country where organizations are flat, and consensus is prized. A friend of...

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Mindful Walking

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♠ Ways to allow for reflection while walking.     In the children’s book Wacky Wednesday, Dr. Seuss imagines a world where people are doing very odd things indeed, like driving a car facing backward. That’s how I felt the other day in my neighborhood. I saw one lady pushing...

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Shrink Your Belly To Improve Your Health

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No matter what you weigh tightening your middle could mean a healthier you.   You may not be overweight, but you still have a “muffin top” that’s driving you crazy. If you find yourself with extra weight around the middle, there’s more to think about than the...

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7 Healthy Weight Decrease Tips

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7 Healthy Weight Decrease Tips ↓ Some healthy weight reduction tips can help you to towards your objective of keeping a healthy weight. The healthy weight decrease tips which are explained noted below are easy to follow together with some self-control and consistency as, without them, it is...

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The Surprise Health Benefit of Walking

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↓ The Surprise Health Benefit of Walking Your brain is boosted by your feet hitting the ground.   ↓ Many people are obsessed with counting their daily steps, trying to hit 10,000, and for good reason. Walking has a host of health benefits, from helping prevent osteoporosis, to lifting the...

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Daily walking is the best anti-aging prescription

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↓ For many baby boomers, the day begins with unpredictable aches and pains. A 58-year-old new patient of mine recently told me that it feels like his body has launched an unprovoked work-to-rule campaign. On any given morning, some body parts function as they always have...

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