Self Image & Esteem

How to Tell Your Stories Without Casting Yourself as the Victim

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↓ Empower yourself to shift the stories you tell. I could tell this tale as if I was a standup comic, social scientist, low-self-esteem support-group speaker and/or seer. And I want you to tell your tales in such ways too. But more about that later. ↓ Something weird has...

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3 Ways to Reconnect With Things We Love

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↓ We quit things we love because we believe ourselves unworthy.   Have you given up things you love?   Not things you loved, past tense, then honestly stopped loving—such as keg parties or Angry Birds. I mean things—places, topics, whatever—you still love, but let go.   Maybe you told yourself you didn't love them anymore so move...

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How to Stop Speaking Harshly to Yourself

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How to Stop Speaking Harshly to Yourself ↓ Harsh self-talk is a pattern of learned behavior, and the good news is we can unlearn it. Recently, I read an interview with author Danielle LaPorte where she stated that she never speaks meanly to herself. “Not ever.” This blew my mind. Because...

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Your Self-Esteem is Not the Problem

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Your Self-Esteem is Not the Problem ↓   Like everyone else, I’ve had difficult times in my life. I’ve had bad breakups, I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve been hurt. In these difficult moments, a lot of people have cheerfully diagnosed me with “low self-esteem.” ↓ I never quite agreed. I...

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