Got Gökotta?

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♠ This Swedish practice will start your morning on the right note.   It’s 5 a.m.—far earlier than I usually wake—but the birds are at it again. It is impossible to sleep. I hear a chorus of voices singing me awake. So, it’s time to gökotta―rise early to appreciate...

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Self-Compassion: Why We Sometimes Feel Worse Before We Feel Better

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“Self-compassion takes strength, courage, and faith. Trust the process, and allow yourself to slowly let in more self-compassion, more kindness, a few degrees at a time.” ↓ The research is clear: self-compassion is a much more effective and healthy approach than shame or self-esteem. People with greater...

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Detox Your Fridge

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  ♠   Prepare for success by turning your refrigerator into a lean, mean, clean machine.   If you’ve ever seen the 1984 film “Ghostbusters” movie, you’ll remember the scene where Sigourney Weaver’s character hears growling coming from her refrigerator. She opens it to discover a supernatural scene inside, complete...

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Unlock Your Creativity

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↓ Our senses offer a direct route to tapping our creative well.     If you find yourself caught in a fruitless spiral, disconnected from your creativity, look to your senses, and explore that world with this wisdom from Be, Awake, Create:   While perceptions are limitless, the capabilities of our sense...

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