Embracing Wisdom From Abuelas

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♠   Learn a few favorite strange-but-sage beliefs, traditions, and rituals from abuelas.   Things Abuela Believed (and You Should Too!)     Something many Latinos have in common is an abuela (grandmother) who might seem a little unusual. In researching my first book, American Brujeria: Modern Mexican American Folk Magic, I heard many stories...

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Practices for Loving Yourself Through Sickness

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♠   Sick? Love yourself through the illness with cozy comfort, breathwork, restorative yoga, and more.     Being sick is common enough, but that doesn’t make it suck any less. Whether you’ve got a simple cold or a more serious long-term illness, being unwell can really make life feel...

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5 Easy Ways To Restart Your Metabolism With Ayurveda

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↓ Increase metabolism with Ayurveda—5 easy internal and external therapies.     At one point or another, just about all of us have tried to lose weight. With almost 75 percent of the American population either overweight or obese, this challenge is becoming seemingly more insurmountable every day. The...

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Why You Want Turmeric in Your Life

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  Turmeric root is one of those rare and valuable herbs that is balancing for all of the doshas, or Ayurvedic body types, making it a beneficial addition to almost everyone’s diet. ↓   Beautiful, beloved turmeric is one of the most well-known, commonly used, and highly revered spices in...

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4 Powerful Health Reasons To Start Eating More Ginger

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↓ Ginger is a powerful superfood that can increase brainpower, boost immunity … and maybe even fight cancer. ↓ Spicy, sweet, and distinctively flavorful, ginger isn’t for the faint of heart. A shot of raw ginger juice is often so strong it causes the eyes to water and...

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5 Things You Can Do to Decrease Systemic Inflammation That Have Nothing to Do with Food

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↓ “While dietary change is a great first line of defense, calming inflammation calls for a multi-faceted approach that delves into all aspects of lifestyle.”   When you’re looking to calm systemic inflammation—the kind of chronic, low-grade immune reaction that can wreak havoc on your health in all...

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