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4 Ways to Curb Age-Related Decline in Gut Health

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◊ Gut issues increase as you age, but there’s so much you can do to keep it functioning well.   Aging is a natural process that gradually stresses your gut function by impacting your colonic, gastric, and esophageal motility—essentially the body’s ability to move food.   Impaired digestion often forces you to...

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6 Foods You Must Eat During Your Spring Detox

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1. The liver is our detoxifying powerhouse, so give it a break this spring with these liver-loving foods.     ⇓   2. Up your fiber intake with artichokes which will help sweep toxins out of your system. ∴ Artichokes are an excellent source of liver-cleansing fiber. They help sweep out toxins...

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How to Use Alchemy for Better Gut Health

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♥   Improve your digestion and overall health by tending to the quality of your digestive fire—using alchemy. ↵ When it comes to dietary health, you are probably familiar with the axiom “You are what you eat.” To a large degree, this is true. It’s important that our diet...

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Apple Cider Vinegar: The Benefits and How to Use It

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Using apple cider vinegar instead of chemical-laden cleaning, beauty, and health products is a way to boost your own mind-body-spirit wellness.     What if there was a healthy, organic, and cheap miracle tonic that could facilitate digestion and detoxification, aid in weight loss, cure acne, and bring on shiny...

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Food Sensitivities and Gut Repair

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◊   Scientific researchers are clear that food intolerances are different from allergies and may take longer to show up in the body than allergies.     Many people complain of food allergies, but technically these common food reactions are better understood as “sensitivities.” A true food allergy causes the...

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Charcoal: A New Way To Detox

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Charcoal’s millions of tiny pores have the strength to capture and remove toxins, increasing energy and overall well-being. HEAL Charcoal is getting all the hype right now. It is more than deserving, because it is a very strong absorber. When something absorbs, it essentially works like a magnet. Charcoal is...

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