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4 Ways to Curb Age-Related Decline in Gut Health

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◊ Gut issues increase as you age, but there’s so much you can do to keep it functioning well.   Aging is a natural process that gradually stresses your gut function by impacting your colonic, gastric, and esophageal motility—essentially the body’s ability to move food.   Impaired digestion often forces you to...

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6 Foods You Must Eat During Your Spring Detox

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1. The liver is our detoxifying powerhouse, so give it a break this spring with these liver-loving foods.     ⇓   2. Up your fiber intake with artichokes which will help sweep toxins out of your system. ∴ Artichokes are an excellent source of liver-cleansing fiber. They help sweep out toxins...

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How to Use Alchemy for Better Gut Health

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♥   Improve your digestion and overall health by tending to the quality of your digestive fire—using alchemy. ↵ When it comes to dietary health, you are probably familiar with the axiom “You are what you eat.” To a large degree, this is true. It’s important that our diet...

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