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4 Ways to Renew Your Relationship to Food in Menopause

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♠ Menopause brings with it immense change and vulnerability, making it the perfect time to develop a more supportive relationship with food. ↵ When you think of a person at risk for developing an eating disorder or disordered eating, what comes to mind? For many people, it is often...

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Power Foods for Better Health

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♠   Natural foods to fight cancer, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome.   Broccoli Fights Cancer Even Better with Spice   We’ve all heard about broccoli’s amazing properties for fighting cancer. Now a new study from the University of Illinois shows that broccoli’s cancer-fighting power can be enhanced by pairing the...

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Pro-Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

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    Inflammation plays a hidden role in almost every disease imaginable. Chronic inflammation can also magnify pain, damage healthy cells, cause joints to ache, cripple your digestive system, and even make you gain weight (1). That makes calming inflammation one of your top priorities when it comes to...

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To Combat Inflammation in My Body, I Eat Two Superfoods and Avoid Three

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Chronic inflammation is associated with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease ↓ Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash ↓ Inflammation in our body is a normal, healthy response; it becomes a problem only when it is a long-term condition due to particular habits. According to Harvard Health Publishing (2019, 2020), inflammation is...

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How Healthy Fats Have Improved My Diet and Lifestyle

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels ♠ It wasn’t until I started incorporating healthy fats with every meal that my healthy diet was complete. ↓♠ ↓♠ So many people are scared of eating fat. I partially understand why as “fat” is a scary word with many negative connotations associated with it. What a lot...

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The Scientific Genius behind Oat Milk

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Photo from ♠ From marketing to food and nutritional science, this popular dairy-free alternative succeeds beyond taste. ↓ The first time I heard about oat milk was back in December 2017. I was walking down a boulevard in Santa Monica, California on a warm December evening when I stepped...

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